01 oktober 2017

Great Great Great Great Grandmother Siri Halvorsdaughter

I wrote this some years ago in February 2011.
Siri Halvorsdaughter Skjærbekken Ulvevadet is my Great Great Great Great Grandmother.  She married Martinus Olsen Ulvevadet in 1836 and settled in at Ulvevadet Farm in Osdalen, Norde Osen.  They had five children - two who died very young.  

The three girls that grew up where Oline Dorthea Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Valen - who moved to Madagaskar with her husbond Arne Farteinson Valen
Lene Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Dahl married Per Person Løssetosdalen Dahl and mowed to USA, 
Ingeborg Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet married Nils Persson from Sweden and they settled in at Ulvevadet in Nordre Osen.  

So Siri and Martinus had three beautiful girls in three corners of the world.  Siri died 4. December 1895 by pneumonia - she is burried at Nordre Osen Old Churchyard.

Yesterday I was lucky to visit the area where Siri was born; Øverbekken (Storbekken Nordre) in Rendalen. And this is Storbekken, The Big Creek - you have to turn your speakers on;

...enjoy your Sunday...

17 april 2017

Thea Mikkelsdaughters children and Easter 2017 and some trees

Thea Mikkelsdaughter born at Snapholt in Hof in Solør, Åsnes, Hedmark, Norway in 1819.  That is nearly 200 years ago.  She is my Great Great Grandmother. She is Great Great Grandmother to a lot of pepole here in Norway. She had seven children, four boys and three girls. She was married to Berger Christianson, born 1821 at Hof in Solør, Åsnes, Hedmark, Norway.

I am not found of raking leafs every year - in "my world" it is a waste of time. Therefor, did I get rid of those two trees - well I chopped it for wood - lovely on the fireplace during wintertime.

Much nicer and cleaner...!

Thea had four siblings, one sister; Johanna Mikkelsdaughter that married  Gunder Halvorson from Sjørbotten, Åsnes, Hedmark, Norway.  They had seven boys and only three of them grew up. Ole Mikkeleson was Theas oldest brother but he was younger than her.  He died only 28 years old. The third sibling, a brother named Christian died only one years old. And her youngest brother named Mathias Mikkelsen grew up and went to the promised land of freedom and land; The United States of America. He left with his father Mikkel Olsen and his stepmother Mari Erichsdaughter in 1852.

I love this kind of work, because the month of April tells me it is going to be Summer!

Mathias Mikkelson left his Norway in July 1852 and landed in New York in September the same year. Then he moved to Wisonsin. And in 1856 he bacame a father to the first of six children; Martin, Ole Minnie, Bertha, Martha and Albert. All of them with the same wife that he married in 1855; Marthe Olsdaughter from Kauserud, Vestre Toten, Oppland, Norway.

On Maundy Thursday I invited to brunch...

..so instead of having a great time outside, we entered my diningroom. It has been more snow this Easter than from November last year till March 2017.

Mathias and Martha lived at Town of Strongs Prairie, in Arkdale, Wisconsin. Martin, the oldest, married Gurine Iversdaughter Rosgard and got ten children. Ole married Refina Reinholdsdaughter Strand and got three children. Minnie married James Slater and had seven children. Bertha married Nels Martin Larsson and they got ten children. Martha married Germon Tveit and they had a girl named Marha Anne. The youngest, Albert married Hannah Sampsonsdaughter and they had none children.  That is quite a family.  So my Great Granmother Marie Bergersdaughter Langerud had 31 cousins in Wisconsin! I wonder if they ever wrote to each other. I wonder if they ever wanted to visit.

Some branches from my birch that is history!

Not fun to serve coffee or afternoon drinks!

Mathias Mikkelson participated in The Civil War and enrolled in 1864. WI 3rd Inf Co F. Residence: Strong’s Prairie, Adams County, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 39. Married. Blue eyes, light hair, dark complexion, 5’8”. Drafted by the Sixth district of Wisconsin. Enrolled for one year on 26 Sep 1864 at La Crosse, Wisconsin. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged from the service 9 Jun 1865. 

Mathias passed away 29. January 1889 and his tombstone are at South Arkdale Cemetery, in Arkdale, Wisconsin.  Martha passed away five years later; 20. October 1894.

If anyone out there have any information about Mathias and his sibllings and his family, I would be very happy to be informed. And if anyone would like the whole story, give me a hint!

Tomorrow is Thuesday - an ordinary day both here at Ottestad in Stange and in Strongs Prairie in Wisconsin - enjoy!

16 april 2017

It Is All About Hanna Bergersdaughter Løkken

It all started in January this year, a family member asked if our ordinary genealogy was correct and true! I meant it was, but then DNA can bring us answers we do not anticipate. And if DNA will bring us different answers than ordinary genealogy, well that is history, it is the past and we have to acknowledge it - we can not change it - we have to accept the past and move on.

This story has nothing to do with DNA - just plain ordinary genealogy. 
I found this in Aftenposten - it is kind of a conservative newspaper in Norway - all their papers from 1862 are scanned and can be read for a few bucks a month - the archive are huge and easy to use.

Hanna Bergersdaughter born at Løkka in Hof in Solør 24. Oct 1851 - and she moved to the Capitol of Norway 15. Apr 1878 together with my Great Grandmother Marie Bergersdaughter Langerud. Hanna stayed in Christiania (Oslo) but Marie went back home and married Martin Arnesson Langerud. Why did they do so?  I guess we will never know! Hanna lived alone, she never married and did not have any children.
At first I did not notice - but after reading the death notic several times, even I saw it; there where two Marie Bergersdaughters in the ad! Mine were Marie Bergersdaughter Langerud! Who was this other Marie Bergersdaughter?
Well thanks to mine nottohaveacleanhouseambition I used my sparetime doing what I like most; genealogy! Both Hanna and Marie and the other Bergersonssiblings had a brother named Ole. Ole Bergerson was born in 1861 and moved to Christiania in 1884. And like many stories goes, he met a girl from Nannestad - they married and got a child named; Aagot Marie born in 1885
Ole and Ingeborg Marie Christiansdaughter Bergersen had five children - sadly four of them died before they turned six years old. Only one child grew up; her name was Inga Marie born 29. Sep 1894
Ole died only 35 years old of tuberculosis. Inga Marie Olsdaughter Bergersen married Filip Hansen Teium from Sarpsborg in Østfold. As far as I can do genealogy and what I did find - Inga and Filip did not have any children.

So the other Marie Bergersen was Hannas and Maries sister in law.

 Hanna and Marie were Inga Marie Olsdaughter Bergersen Teium aunts!

If anyone out there have any information about Hanna and Ole and Ingeborg Marie and Inga Marie, I would be very happy to be informed. And if anyone would like the whole story, give me a hint!

So easy...enjoy your Sunday!

31 desember 2016

The Last Day in 2016

A year ago, January began. I do not like that month, neither do I like November or December as months. It's cold, it's snow and the sky is like the movie "The Day After" I saw that film in Oslo with my sister. It scared me.
This picture is taken in my driveway at Ottestad, nothing like Kansas...

February, gives me colors and the sun is coming back, from I do not know! It's luckily a short month, because it can be very cold her up north in Norway.  Every year we go to our cabin to see if "Evja" is okay.  She always are!

This year Easter was in March, pretty early.  I like Easter best in April, gladly the decision is not mine to take!  But the sun is back and the snow is usually melting and goes away. We were not raised as a mountain, skiing, orange and Kvikk Lunsj family around Eastertime. I didn't mind.

In 2015 I bought myself a new car. An electric car. He does not know that he is not a Tesla. So therefor we have to plug in and get some "fuel" My EGolf is a fun car to drive. He and I need some more time  together when we drive for a long ride, but a good book helps!

You know, Finnskogen has always fascinated me! The old Finnskogen, the people that lived there, the things that are there - but you can not see them. The feeling of been watched, the feeling of ancestries souls and the mysicism. In May my mother and I spent a week at Finnskogtoppen Velværehotell. It was just like getting a new and fresh spirit. Enjoyable.

This last June I got a chance to go back in historie an see my Gamleveien" again. I visited my fathers siblings at Flisa. I left "Gamleveien" in June 1969. I was only ten years old and I thought and I belived that there will always be a "Gamleveien" But I was wrong. My childhood ended here in June 1969. Moving to anthoter place, to another part of the Norway was horrifying. But I survived. I am strong. I do not know if "Gamleveien" is the same anylonger...? We move on.

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree was a song from 1973. My old oak tree from 1980 fell down in June and she gave me quite some work...

I was baptised at Grue Finnskog Kirke / Revholt Kapell in 1959! Since 1970 there have been Finnskogdager at Svullrya. But I have never been there. July is a month when you shall do and does everything and nothing. This June we ended up in Åsta Holts world and The Republic of Finnskogen. It was great.

August is my vacation month. It's the month of the year that matter. This year we went "hollidaing" at Sweden, we saw Gøteborg, Ullared, Lammhult, Jønkøping, Gränna, Karlstad and Alsters Hemgård. Among other places. Doing some painting at "Evja"  And having garden party on my new porch. That is someting we must repeat every August to come!

This September was filled up with good memories. We at Utvandrermuseets Venneforening had the plaesure to hostess FNM's annual meeting. It was a great event and we went to Atlungstad Brenneri, Domkirkeodden, Jernbanemuseet and Norsk Emigrantmuseum at Ottestad. It was great.

As a forrest owner at "Evja" we have to take care of our trees. This one will in twohundred years become a wonderful tree.

Some "time of" with my co workers from HedEmarken. They are just the best in professional houskeeping!

And of course - the biggest supercharger station for Tesla opens at Nebbenes nearby E6.

This October we vent for a carride to a bakery in Lom. We drove up north to Gudbrandsdalen. Back home we did Valdresflye. I have never done that before. But I have done "my Gjende" at Gjendesheim...a long time ago.

November is a month. And I am like a bear - I cuddle in a winter lair. But first I painted my kitchenfloor white. I wonder if I shall paint it grey...

Then this years last month is nearly ended. It's just a few hours left before our new year is here. I like Christmas. I like my Christmas to be red and green and goldish. I like a lot of candles. I like it when the fireplace is on. I like being inside a warm house. I like doing genealogy.

So thank you for this wonderful year of 2016 and welcome 2017. 
Happy New Year to you all and do not forget to enjoy...

22 august 2016

My mothers family and Siekkinen

I have always known (in my heart) that my Grandfather Simon Andreas and his ansectors are descended from The Finnish people from Finnskogen.  My grandfather Simon Andreas Johansson Holter lived in Elverum with his parents and seven siblings.

This is Simon Andreas Johanssen Holter in the garden at Fagerheim in Elverum.

My Great Grandmother, Amalie Pauluda Andreasdaughter Torp was born in Lista, Vesta-Agder, January 1866.  My Great Grandfather Johan Andreasson Holtet was born in Elverum, Hedmark, September 1862.

This is Amalie Pauluda Andreasdaughter.

This is Johan Andreasson Holtet.

The story about how and where my Great Grandparents met, I don't know, I wish I knew, so if anyone out there know their story - please let me know!

Andrea Gundersdaughter was born in Sætre, Elverum in 1822 and she married Andreas Mortensson in 1856 in Elverum, Hedmark.  Andreas was born at Nordset, Elverum in 1825. They were my Great Great Grandparents.

My Great Great Great Grandmothers name was Margrete Jørgensdaughter.  She lived with her parents at Munksjøberget in Trysil, Hedmark.  Margrete was baptized in 1783 in Trysil Church.  She married Gunder Andreasson in 1822.  Gunder was from Holtet in Sørskogbygda in Elverum.

Jørgen Jensson and Ingeborg Eriksdaughter are my Great Great Great Great Grandparents.  They married in June the 15. in 1770.  Jørgen was born in 1745 at Vestre Sætre in Sørskogbygda, Elverum. Ingeborg was from Østenheden in Søre Osen, Trysild, she eas born in 1744.

Ingeborg Eriksdaughter Siekkinen.  Her father - my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was Erik Danielsson Siekkinen.  Born in 1702 at Lutnes in Trysil and he died in 1751 at Østenheden in Trysil. Erik was married to Kari Olsdauighter Tossavainen, born 1703 in Trysil.  They married in 1730 and Erik died in 1751  and Kari died in 1785.

Now the job starts!  My Great Grandfather Johan had four siblings - three of them girls.  Did they have any children?  Any girls?  Do you know something or anything about this family - I hope you will share it with me!

Have a nice evening - and do remember to enjoy!

03 januar 2016

Arne Guttormson and Karen Michaelsdaughter Langerud

Today I discovered that I am fourth cousin to my father, Ola-Martin Einarson.  That is kind of strange.
But it is stranger that my father is second cousin to his father, Einar Karlotson.
And my Grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughter is first cousin with my Grandfathers mother, Anne Marie Embretsdaughter.

It started June the 12. in 1819 in Langerud, Hof i Solør. My Great Great Grandfather Arne Guttormsen was born,
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1816-1822), Fødte og døpte 1819, side 88-89. 

Arne met a girl named Karn Mikkalsdaughter, born September the 6 in 1823 and she is my Great Great Grandmother.
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 6 (1822-1841), Fødte og døpte 1823, side 48-49.

They married in 1855 I think and they got five children together.  I know that they both had children with others.  Common those days...?
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Ekteviede 1855, side 176.

This link show thar Arne married a girl named Anne Marie Tørrisdaughter and her father is Mickal something.  The Priest must have written a wrong name in the book...I think that was common too!

Their first child together was Maria Arnesdaughter, my Great Grandmother.  She was born May the second in 1852.  She was born out of wedlock.
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Fødte og døpte 1852, side 29.

Maria married Embret Tørrison from Berget in Hof in Solør. His parents were Tørris and Eli, married in July 1836,
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 6 (1822-1841), Ekteviede 1836, side 1004-1005. 

Embret was born in June 1850
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Fødte og døpte 1850, side 13.

Anne Marie Embretsdaughter was their first child, she is my Great Grandmother. She is also born out of wedlock.  She was the mother of Einar Karlotsen, my Grandfather.
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1862-1877), Fødte og døpte 1874, side 109.
Hedmark fylke, Hof i Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 10 (1878-1909), Fødte og døpte 1898, side 75.

Maria had four brothers, one named Martin.  The tree others are Ole, Guttorm and Arne!
Martin Arneson was born in March 1862 and married my Great Grandmother Marie Bergersdaughter in 1883.  Marie had her first birthday March 25 in 1857
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1862-1877), Fødte og døpte 1862, side 5. 
Hedmark fylke, Arneberg i Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 11 (1879-1911), Ekteviede 1883-1884, side 120. 
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Fødte og døpte 1857, side 81. 

Martin and Marie had a girl named Mimi Martinsdaughter.  She was my Grandmother and she was also a first cousin to Anne Marie Embretsdaughter - mother of her husbond Einar Karlotsen.
Hedmark fylke, Arneberg i Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 11 (1879-1911), Fødte og døpte 1898, side 41.

And you can read about it in Hof Bygdebok, bind III, published by Åsnes Kommune in 1995 and written by Hans Marius Trøseid.  Bnr 46, Langerud, page 170 and 171

By, by for now, a picture my mother took at Svullrya in 1960.  We lived there.  Enjoy your day.

31 desember 2015

The Last Day in 2015

I have only written one time in this blog during 2015.  I do not know why!  It just went that way...

January just passed away...my knee was not good, but going to the doctor, oh no!

We did not hav a lot of snow, kind of nothing!  But sometimes it happens that it snows at our cabin; Evja.  So every February we are heading for Nordre Osen looking for a snowy cabin.  Often there are no snow there either.

March came along and I made a lot of healty food...it was fun.  I still do.  Easter divid her self between March and April.  And we stayed at home, no cabinvacation...no kvikk lunsj (a chocolate that everybody eats during Easter, it is Norwegian)... no oranges..and no happy family going skiing...

April came along and I went to the doctor...and she sendt a requisition to the Hospital...finally.  Then the waiting started...  The Blue Anemone shows me that the summer is just arounf the corner...

May started with a huge bomb, for me!  My golf...my car the last ten years told me she wanted to retire...  Stubborn as I am ...she just refused to drive another mile...

And May is doing Evja ready for the Summer...you - my family and friends out there - are so welcome to participate both with the raking! and staying...

June...the best month ever...it is Summer...it is birthdays...Norway is kind warm...the days are usually bright and shiny...and there are plenty of things to do...

This July did not turn out the way she did last year...last year was warm and wonderful...this summer was cold and rainy.  But we managed to get some sunny days at Evja!  And The Old Church - from 1777 - got a new roof!  Our little vacation this year happend in London...and we liked it!  We are going back...sometime!

Then in August I got mail...mail from the hospital...and they will do a surgery on my meniscus in September...love it!  My carpenter time was over...the porch almost finished!  We did a trip to Edel...and Charlotte at Nes and Helgøya!  We did Evja!  I love August...it is still summertime but the fall is just around the corner...

And then in September...Eric from California...a son of one my cousins...spent some of his vacation here in Norway.  We had to have a party!  We had to see a fjord!  We did Holmenkollen and Vigelandsparken.  We did Flisa and Nordre Osen.  We did family.  Thank you Eric for letting me get to know you.  And I had my meniscussurgery...lucky me!

October passed away...so did November...like they always do!  I do what the bears do best...making myself comfortable in a winter lair...

...and then it is Christmas...again!  December, The "cosy" month...family...dinners...food...vacation!
And some who can not drive!

I have forgiven the man who drove into my car...I hope he learned that small cars are cars too!

Have a exciting New Year in 2016.  Let her make the most of it...while you add som inspiration and volunteering...

Happy New Year...to you all...may she be yours!