01 oktober 2017

Great Great Great Great Grandmother Siri Halvorsdaughter

I wrote this some years ago in February 2011.
Siri Halvorsdaughter Skjærbekken Ulvevadet is my Great Great Great Great Grandmother.  She married Martinus Olsen Ulvevadet in 1836 and settled in at Ulvevadet Farm in Osdalen, Norde Osen.  They had five children - two who died very young.  

The three girls that grew up where Oline Dorthea Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Valen - who moved to Madagaskar with her husbond Arne Farteinson Valen
Lene Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Dahl married Per Person Løssetosdalen Dahl and mowed to USA, 
Ingeborg Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet married Nils Persson from Sweden and they settled in at Ulvevadet in Nordre Osen.  

So Siri and Martinus had three beautiful girls in three corners of the world.  Siri died 4. December 1895 by pneumonia - she is burried at Nordre Osen Old Churchyard.

Yesterday I was lucky to visit the area where Siri was born; Øverbekken (Storbekken Nordre) in Rendalen. And this is Storbekken, The Big Creek - you have to turn your speakers on;

...enjoy your Sunday...

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