22 desember 2008


One December Night - I wonder - isn't that a Christmas Song! I don't remember - anyway it's almost Christmastime and Santa is coming - I hope!

This is my south view. It's what I see when my eyes are wandring around.

Have a wonderful day - today and tomorrow. I'm going to drive Nichlasen at work - shopping some things I rally need - and then decorating the house.

07 desember 2008


This card was fun making. I wish I had a lots of spare time to just make cards!
Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


This is a Penny Black rubber stamp - I like her stamps. I've tried to make this years Christmas cards in different colors - not red! The Happy Hollidays are made in shrink plastic - fun to make - try it!


I'm not a quick blogger - I'm a slow blogger. My life is pretty busy these days - not because it's Christmas - I'm not through with last years Christmas!! Busy because life is busy! I want to partcipate in scrapping - blogging - stamping - politics - genealogy - crops and a lot more that is fun - and gives me a lot of joy!

Here are some pictures of my brother - taken this years September - in Osen. The place God left but never forgot.
Have a nice trip - don't forget to have fun!