15 november 2009

It Snowed Yesterday...

...and it's rainig today - luckily - I'm not a big fan of snow.
This picture are my Uncle Johan, my Aunt Randi and my mother Grethe.  I think my Grandfather Simon Andreas took the picture in 1941.  They are skiing on the farmers land opposite my Grandfathers Store in Kaffegata at Flisa.

I have painted all the letters in white trying to get some "icy" look.  The musictones are painted silver - crackled - and painted white.  All the flowers are white, and embossed with silver - I like that.  The frame are corrugated cardboard, I teared it and I enbossed it with a cranberry look.  Most of the stuff are handmade - I buy usually scrapbookstuff in "white" - pearls in boxes - and so on - then I'll give "it" all a "bendichtemakeover"

Today is cleaning day - painting doors day - getting my house together day - and I need a lot of days like today.  Hoping to get rid of all the paintboxes before Christmas - this year.   
Have a nice Sunday - Enjoy!

01 november 2009

Høstmarked i Vikingskipet

This anually thing - this Marked filled with used and antique stuff for us who collect.  It happend yesterday at Vikingskipet - The Ship that were build for The Olympics of 1994 here in Hamar.

I bought this - this Singer sewing machine - for my scrapping!   It's old and I have to bring the machine to someone who really can give it a makeover!  It's cute, isn't it?


Last Night Was Halloween

Happy Halloween!  It's Sunday and the weather is grey.....it's snowing soon - and I don't like that at all!  Nichlasen is spending the week-end in Oslo - some party going on - enjoy!

In June 2006 was the first time I wrote a missing people link at DIS Norge - looking for Lina Dorthinusdaughter and her family in The USA.  This summer I found Lina - and her American Family - lucky me! 

Lina married - I don't know when or were - John Goldberg from Sweden, born 1858.  John went to Sweden, without Lina, late 1915 - 1919, I think, visiting old family.  Unfortunately he died during his visit and was burried at this grave yard.  

So my questions are - where in Sweden is this beautiful church and are there anyone out there that have some information about John Goldberg?  I sure would be glad!

Thank you Jennifer for letting me have this picture!

October just passed away - I'm like the bear - spending next month in a lair, waking up in December. 

Ha a wonderful Fall - and thanks for reading my blog - enjoy life!