22 august 2010

22th of August

Then it's Sunday and my last summervacation day - I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm trilled with joy!  Last week I didn't do much blogging - shame on me! 

My Aunt Randi was here for three days.  We did halibut, bacon and swine, we did Edeldesign and Skafferiet, we did shrimps and we did goodbye at Gardermoen.  Have a blast in Copenhagen and thank you for visiting us!

Anyway I have to Congratulate on the 18th
Ole Asmund Halvorson 1924 Nordre Osen

Congratulate on the 19th
Hans Johanson 1798 Åsnes
Even Evenson 1854 Nordre Osen
Melius Kenneth Martinusson 1913 Nordre Osen, USA

My mother Grethe and her sister Randi - some years ago - at Vålerbyn!
Have a nice day - thank you for stopping by and enjoy...