18 juli 2009

The last day

Today we are leaving - we have had a wonderful "22 day carride" We have seen so much - 15 states. We have seen so many nice people. And there have been so many nice comments in my blog - Thank you ALL! No pictures today - I will do that when I am comming home!
Thank you - USA - for letting us have this wonderful vacation!
Og Truls - neste gang - så reiser vi til Sørstatene - om to år!
Have a nice week-end - see you soon - all of you! And thanks for visiting my blog!!

15 juli 2009

Going South on 101

This is highway 101 going coastal in Oregon and California. It was a enjoyable way - so if you ever have good fortune - ride that highway from north to south.

This is a huge bridge - I do not remember the name but it is in Oregon - it is a bridge that opens for boats.

And this is - The pacific Ocean! We stayed the night in a little town called Brookings - it was grey - it was cold and it was Oregon!

Tomorrow I am going to a scrapbookstore - I have been in some already - but I did not remember to take pictures - but they are huge! I have been buying some stuff but I have only two suitcases!!
Thank you for visiting our travel and my blog - see you soon!

14 juli 2009

Downtown Seattle

Hey - this is The Space Needle - a high tower - with a restaurant on the top - downtown in Seattle. We just passed it on the street - and I am glad we did - I am not found at all - in high heights!

This is a newer building - cute?? We did not enter this one either!

They do sell wood too - downtown Seattle - during summertime!

Thanks to The Timmons - who made our stay superb!! This is my son and my brother on the front porch - greeting the American Flag.

We are having a wonderful trip - seeing so much - beeing friends and just cruising around in over! Ford Flex! Thanks for visiting my blog! Take care and stay friends!

13 juli 2009

Moscow, Idaho

Okay - this is Berthe and Karinus Bues headstone - I have been translating the chapter about Karinusbua from Osen Bygdebook into english - and here - here they are - Berthe and Karinus!

This is the headstone for Lene Martinusdaughter - my Great Great Grandmothers sister. She and her family immigrated to The United States in 1883. Lene is mother to Dorthea Dahl - a famous writer.

I just had too! The huge red trailer with the good cold drinks - love it!

This is East Washington State - farmers land - cows - winestocks and even more cows! A lot!

Have fun - read blogs and enjoy life - we are! Thank you for visiting my blog!

12 juli 2009

Moscow, Idaho

This is The Interstate 90 in Montana - it's green hills and big ranches with cows all over.
From Butte in Montana we drove west to Idaho State.

Here we are entering The State of Idaho, driving in the Rocky Mountains - I did! It was like a screwdriver! Fun!

This is where we entered Moscow - the first stop on our trip that "means" something to me - Lene my Great Great Grandmothers sister lived here with her family. And tomorrow I will go to The Cemetery to look for their gravestones - looking foreward to do that!!

Thank you for stopping at my blog - and enjoy life - it is out there - somewere! Take care!

11 juli 2009

4th of July

4th of July is great and big! All the Parades and all the firetrucks and flags and people everywhere! My brother found this little storage for his tools - it is tooooo big to take home - sorry!

We drove trough Yellowstone - and this was the weather! All white! And only 37 Farenheit!

This little bird is the American Eagle, The Bold one! Yellowstone was terrific - the Old Faithful - the vulcanos - the bisons - everything - it was great!

Have a nice evening - we are going to Folsom tomorrow - to meet my cousins!
Enjoy life and stay happy - and thanks for visiting my blog!

06 juli 2009

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Happy 3th of July! We spent some of the day in Cody - in Buffalo Bill Historical Center. We have to come back - we need another two days! It was a place for The Wild West - for everybody. Here is the charming Mister Cody "Buffalo Bill" himself! This you have to see!

After spending five hours at The Center we drove trough Yellowstone National Park and made the night in Idaho Falls in Idaho.

This one - I found at The Buffalo Bill Center - something for all the small things we use in scrapping........

Have a nice day - thank you for visiting my blog! And enjoy life!

05 juli 2009

Little Big Horn and Cody

It was grey weather and kind of cold outside on Thursday - anyway we got to see Little Big Horn and I learned a little bit of old history.

We are having a great time - crusing around in our rental, The Ford Flex! It is a wonderful car to drive. My brother and I drive one day each. Nichlasen - he is just here - he is in the backseats - reading books!

The hotels are good - right now it is Holiday Inn we are staying at. Huuuge beds!

In this rondell! - there are quotes written on the walls - from all the big Indian wariors. I will show some of them another time.
Tomorrow is The 4th of July - and then there are parades and rodeos in the streets - and people are having a blast.
This is just a huge american truck with his horsesleeper and wagon - all in one! Huge - terrible huge!

Thank you for visiting my blog - I realy enjoy that - have a nice week-end and stay tuned!

03 juli 2009

Deadwood and Devils Tower

Deadwood - the place that should not be. It's an old town build in bricks - it was burning down - and then they decided to build it up again in bricks! Read the story - the first picture are the "new" no 10 - where Billy Wild Hickoks chair are - the chair he sat in when he was shot!

This is one of buildings were the girls worked! Look! they are in the windows!

And then - Dewils Tower! We took the trail - it was absolutly stunning to see the mountain.

Have a nice day - keep smiling - and thanks again for visiting my blog!

02 juli 2009

Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park and1880 Train

Here they are - the four Presidents! Mount Rushmore was a huge place - not in space but in surroundings.
Sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln represent the first 150 years of the history of the United States.
Do you see the little men on top of Jefferson? They are setting the fireworks for fourth of July!

After Mount Rushmore we drove thru Custer State Park - more or less a green park with Ponderosa pines and green medows - it's all green and fresh.
We met theese two bisons just a mile inside the park. Close your windovs and stay calm!
I liked the park - it was absolutly beautiful!

We drove to Hill City - a cute little city in the Black Hills. Here we went along - as others tourists and took The 1880 train - DO IT!

Thank you for visiting my blog - it's less scrapping and more vacation this time of year!

01 juli 2009

Cabelas and The Badlands

Rapid City in South Dakota - we just stayed the night in this "honkytonk" motel and wandred off to the ultimate store for nonscrappers!

This is Cabelas! This is The Store - and yes it was! Department for everything - if you like the hiking and biking and fishing and shooting stuff! It even had a department for women! I realy liked it - and I did spend some dollars
This is The Badlands - acres of acres with vulcano rock - it was amazing!

And this is The Grasslands - gras and gras as long you can see!

We are driving further west! We are still friends and we are having a great time! Thank you for visiting my blog - and our journey!