13 august 2014

...and the Finnish names

Well, the sun made my day...I have a lot of gravel in my driveway...it shall not be there...but in my garden...I'm making me a sunny spot!

...this stone...this fantastic memorial stone with the 423 (I think) family names...

My grandparents DNA says that I am a descendant of thoose from Finland who came to Sweden and Norway for about 400 years ago. Two of the family names that comes along in my genealogy are Havuinen and Lehmoinen. You see the names on the right side of the picture.

Theese two pictures or maps says where I am from...kind of!  The first one is my grandmother Mimis map...the second one is my grandfather Einars map.



...it's a tiny little bit scary...that a "q-tip" in my mouth...can see where I am from...fantastic...enjoy your day...

07 august 2014

DNA and me...me and DNA

I know now, that this blog will turn into a blogsite about my family and my genealogy.  Perhapes one day I will show my scrapbooking here again...but until then...it will be about my ancestors and me.
I have heard about DNA...I have read about DNA...but I do not know what it genuine are!  Do you?
Well, I know it is about who I am...and why I become me...and I know that my siblings and I share some "similar" DNA...so what is this DNA?
I do not have the answers to that.  But I will try to understand what it is by reading about it.  I know that I am a mtDNA and that my brother is an Y-DNA.  This project - Norway DNA Norgesprosjektet - has a lot of answers to a lot of questions...about DNA.

This is a picture I took nearly nine years ago in Grue Finnskog...the sea in the background are Røgden. This memorial stone or monument is one of the reasons why I took to wonder about me and my DNA.  It contains all the last names of those Finnish who settled in in The Finnish Forrest around 1500 - 1600. 

I'll do more later...suddenly the Sun sprang loose on a blue sky...do remember to enjoy...