03 august 2009

Redwood Forrest in California

Before we came to Sacramento we had to drive through The Redwood Forrest. It was stunning - the trees were sooo tall - sooo big - and sooo green! We just had one hour to spend - so we found a trial that took only 5 minutes! Next time we have to stop at least a day. Try it!

As we drove south from Oregon State - at Highway 101 - it got foggy. It's thick, grey fog from the Pacific Ocean. It's pretty cool - don't you think!

My little babyboy - Nichlasen - called me today - he's comming home to his mother - ME! - after two years in Oslo - the capitol of Norway! He's going to attend a class at Jønsberg Videregående Skole. Hurra! But first he has to take his exam as an apprentice.

Have a great day tomorrow - enjoy life and thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking foreward to start scrapping - but right now my August is a little bit back and forth!