06 september 2009

Going east on Interstate 80 - Nebraska

This is the road to Golden - the last place Lina lived. It's Thursday and we are turning our! Ford Flex east - but first I had to visit a scrapbookstore - and I did! Spent a lot of money - more about that later - so we had to drive through Cheyenne one more time and then we turned east.

This is a looong train - a very looong train. We saw a lot of them together with all the truckers and trailers along the road.

This is Nebraska - flat - green and sunny! We were lucky!

Pumping oil - the American way!

They just started her in Ottestad too - the treshing - - this is 16th of July - Nebraska

I kind of liked the windmills - they're not beautiful - but they're making good power with wind - well here's one windmill coming along the road - biiig!

Nebraska are the land of corn - we saw hundred of acres with corn - nice to know when having them in my salad!

This is the biggest grain elevator in Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Something we could have on our E6 here in Stange?

Godnight and farewell Nebraska - we're staying over in York - tomorrow we're going to Chicago.

Have a nive Sunday in September - it's sunny today - I might do something in my garden. Enjoy!