31 januar 2010

My New Bind It All Adressbook

There's so many beautiful Bind It All creations around.  I just love watching the creativeness that's in many blogs.  I've been "buying" a new adressbook for so long - but I bought the Bind-It-All instead.  I've made two books - one for adresses and one for birthdays!

Some papers with numbers - some with letters and some thin cardboard with plain lines.......

...measured to fit my cardboard covers...

...making holes with my bind-it-all-machine

...like this

...I've used papers from Graphic 45 and Making Memories for my Birthdaybook

...some stuffing into the wire

...embellishmensts from Tim Holtz  I just love his scrapbookingstuff

...this is my Birthdaybook - I'm going to create or buy some plates with all the twelve months

...this is my adressbook

All made by using my bind-it-All.  Have a nice Sunday and don't forget...enjoy!