11 november 2008


Hello - I'm back! At the pink forum we had this scrapping relay - and we had to lift a layout made by Tracie H. And I do'nt know who she is - sorry!

We have a border collie - her name is Cindy C. She had to remove a tumor from her head - poor Cindy - and the veterinary had to made some stiches on her head - the picture s are taken right after we arrived from the clinic. She loves the bathroom floor - probably because of the warmth in the floor.

The "mouth's" are made by Krumelure and her Scrapmagasinet. She is a wonderful person and she makes amazing stamps - just look! I've painted the mouths with alcohol ink - the idea are from Ett Trykk.

The circle are made by the small retro flower punch. I punched them in shrink plastic and painted them white.
The papers are from imaginationproject - the colors are just me! I do love colors.

Have a safe journey, sleep well and good night!