12 august 2010

12th of August

We did Osdalen for three days - and there are no internett in my mothers cabin!  But we had three relaxing days - doing very little - well my brother did the roof on the "bua" - more about that later.

I would like to Congratulate the 10th. of August
Kolbjørn Knutson 1760 Hof Åsnes
Marte Amundsdaughter 1812 Norde Osen
Anders Nilson 1831 Nordre Osen
Halvor Martinson 1846 Hof Åsnes
Marthe Martinsdaughter 1849 Hof Åsnes

Here is the one I have on the 11th of August - Congratulation to
Fred Robert Graef 1911 USA

And today I want to Conratulate
Hans Mortenson 1826 Norde Osen
Tollef Knutson 1840 Nordre Osen

Nice one...enjoy...and thanks for visiting my blog!