16 april 2017

It Is All About Hanna Bergersdaughter Løkken

It all started in January this year, a family member asked if our ordinary genealogy was correct and true! I meant it was, but then DNA can bring us answers we do not anticipate. And if DNA will bring us different answers than ordinary genealogy, well that is history, it is the past and we have to acknowledge it - we can not change it - we have to accept the past and move on.

This story has nothing to do with DNA - just plain ordinary genealogy. 
I found this in Aftenposten - it is kind of a conservative newspaper in Norway - all their papers from 1862 are scanned and can be read for a few bucks a month - the archive are huge and easy to use.

Hanna Bergersdaughter born at Løkka in Hof in Solør 24. Oct 1851 - and she moved to the Capitol of Norway 15. Apr 1878 together with my Great Grandmother Marie Bergersdaughter Langerud. Hanna stayed in Christiania (Oslo) but Marie went back home and married Martin Arnesson Langerud. Why did they do so?  I guess we will never know! Hanna lived alone, she never married and did not have any children.
At first I did not notice - but after reading the death notic several times, even I saw it; there where two Marie Bergersdaughters in the ad! Mine were Marie Bergersdaughter Langerud! Who was this other Marie Bergersdaughter?
Well thanks to mine nottohaveacleanhouseambition I used my sparetime doing what I like most; genealogy! Both Hanna and Marie and the other Bergersonssiblings had a brother named Ole. Ole Bergerson was born in 1861 and moved to Christiania in 1884. And like many stories goes, he met a girl from Nannestad - they married and got a child named; Aagot Marie born in 1885
Ole and Ingeborg Marie Christiansdaughter Bergersen had five children - sadly four of them died before they turned six years old. Only one child grew up; her name was Inga Marie born 29. Sep 1894
Ole died only 35 years old of tuberculosis. Inga Marie Olsdaughter Bergersen married Filip Hansen Teium from Sarpsborg in Østfold. As far as I can do genealogy and what I did find - Inga and Filip did not have any children.

So the other Marie Bergersen was Hannas and Maries sister in law.

 Hanna and Marie were Inga Marie Olsdaughter Bergersen Teium aunts!

If anyone out there have any information about Hanna and Ole and Ingeborg Marie and Inga Marie, I would be very happy to be informed. And if anyone would like the whole story, give me a hint!

So easy...enjoy your Sunday!