24 mai 2010


I did this layout a long time ago.  It's my fathers mother and his aunt.  They both lived at Flisa in Åsnes and they had four children, each.  They even died before they turned 70 years old.  But I got to know them - a tiny bit - just for a few years - I wonder what if I had known them better - would I've then been doing geneology? Or... who knows... anyway I'm glad I met them.  Very...

My Grandmother, Mimi Martinsdaughter Langerud Nymoen, born 20. August 1898 at Snapholt, Hof in Solør, Åsnes County, Hedmark.

My Grandmothers sister, Margit Ovidia Martinsdaughter Langerud Linna, born 6. February 1903 at Flissundet, Åsnes County, Hedmark.

Margit married Olav Syversen Linna 12. July 1923 in Åsnes Church.  They got four children, Syver Asbjørn, Ole Martin, Eva Marie and Bjørn Harald. 

Margit Ovida died at Flisa 17. February 1971 and her housbond Syver died 6. November 1941.  They are both burried at Åsnes Curch Cemetary.

My Grandmother Mimi married my Grandfather Einar Karlotson Nymoen 31. October 1925.  My Grandfather, Einar was born 4. September 1898 at Råberget, Hof in Solør, Åsnes County, Hedmark. 

Mimi and Einar had four children, Marit, Inger Marie, Ola Martin and Eivind.  Marit and my father are not with us anymore, Marit died 4. May 1995 and my father passed away 19. March 2005.

Mimi died 24. Februar 1965 and Einar died 1. September 1986.  They are burried at Åsnes Church Cemetary.

Enjoy your day...I have to pick up Nichlasen, he's coming by train from Oslo...he dosn't have a drivers license...