13 februar 2011

A Sunday in February

Hello - when did January end - and when did February come?  Time runs too fast, nowadays! 
I'm not in the mood for scrapping or card making or any handcrafts - and thats annoying me!
Well I have been doing some genealogy - we got this Folketelling 1910 / National Census 1910 last month.  So I have been checking all my ancestors born in January towards this census...fun!  Try it!

This is my Great Grandmother Amalie Pauluda Andreasdaughter Torp Holter.  Born 1. January 1866 at Lista in Vest-Agder.  She married Johan Andreassen Holter in well I don't know - but before 1893.  They settled in at Elverum and got eight children.  Amalie Pauluda died 12. January 1955 - she is burried at Elverum Churchyard.

Siri Halvorsdaughter Skjærbekken Ulvevadet is my Great Great Great Grandmother.  She married Martinus Olsen Ulvevadet in 1836 and settled in at Ulvevadet Farm in Osdalen, Norde Osen.  They had five children - two who died very young.  The three ones that grew up where Oline Dorthea Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Valen - moved to Madagaskar with her husbond Arne Farteinson Valen, Lene Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Dahl married Per Person Løssetosdalen Dahl and mowed to USA, Ingeborg Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet married Nils Persson from Sweden and they settled in at Ulvevadet in Nordre Osen.  So Siri and Martinus had three beautiful girls in three corners of the world.  Siri died 4. December 1895 by pneumonia - she is burried at Nordre Osen Old Churchyard.

This is a beautiful picture of my oldest cousin - Ole Andreas born in 1952.  He is a farmer and he loves sport.  Last week he made Femundløpet - a "dogsledgerace" - Congratulations!!

It was like this when I started this Sunday!  Grrr...

Have a wonderful February - and do not forget to enjoy life!