03 januar 2016

Arne Guttormson and Karen Michaelsdaughter Langerud

Today I discovered that I am fourth cousin to my father, Ola-Martin Einarson.  That is kind of strange.
But it is stranger that my father is second cousin to his father, Einar Karlotson.
And my Grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughter is first cousin with my Grandfathers mother, Anne Marie Embretsdaughter.

It started June the 12. in 1819 in Langerud, Hof i Solør. My Great Great Grandfather Arne Guttormsen was born,
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1816-1822), Fødte og døpte 1819, side 88-89. 

Arne met a girl named Karn Mikkalsdaughter, born September the 6 in 1823 and she is my Great Great Grandmother.
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 6 (1822-1841), Fødte og døpte 1823, side 48-49.

They married in 1855 I think and they got five children together.  I know that they both had children with others.  Common those days...?
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Ekteviede 1855, side 176.

This link show thar Arne married a girl named Anne Marie Tørrisdaughter and her father is Mickal something.  The Priest must have written a wrong name in the book...I think that was common too!

Their first child together was Maria Arnesdaughter, my Great Grandmother.  She was born May the second in 1852.  She was born out of wedlock.
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Fødte og døpte 1852, side 29.

Maria married Embret Tørrison from Berget in Hof in Solør. His parents were Tørris and Eli, married in July 1836,
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 6 (1822-1841), Ekteviede 1836, side 1004-1005. 

Embret was born in June 1850
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Fødte og døpte 1850, side 13.

Anne Marie Embretsdaughter was their first child, she is my Great Grandmother. She is also born out of wedlock.  She was the mother of Einar Karlotsen, my Grandfather.
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1862-1877), Fødte og døpte 1874, side 109.
Hedmark fylke, Hof i Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 10 (1878-1909), Fødte og døpte 1898, side 75.

Maria had four brothers, one named Martin.  The tree others are Ole, Guttorm and Arne!
Martin Arneson was born in March 1862 and married my Great Grandmother Marie Bergersdaughter in 1883.  Marie had her first birthday March 25 in 1857
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1862-1877), Fødte og døpte 1862, side 5. 
Hedmark fylke, Arneberg i Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 11 (1879-1911), Ekteviede 1883-1884, side 120. 
Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1849-1861), Fødte og døpte 1857, side 81. 

Martin and Marie had a girl named Mimi Martinsdaughter.  She was my Grandmother and she was also a first cousin to Anne Marie Embretsdaughter - mother of her husbond Einar Karlotsen.
Hedmark fylke, Arneberg i Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 11 (1879-1911), Fødte og døpte 1898, side 41.

And you can read about it in Hof Bygdebok, bind III, published by Åsnes Kommune in 1995 and written by Hans Marius Trøseid.  Bnr 46, Langerud, page 170 and 171

By, by for now, a picture my mother took at Svullrya in 1960.  We lived there.  Enjoy your day.

31 desember 2015

The Last Day in 2015

I have only written one time in this blog during 2015.  I do not know why!  It just went that way...

January just passed away...my knee was not good, but going to the doctor, oh no!

We did not hav a lot of snow, kind of nothing!  But sometimes it happens that it snows at our cabin; Evja.  So every February we are heading for Nordre Osen looking for a snowy cabin.  Often there are no snow there either.

March came along and I made a lot of healty food...it was fun.  I still do.  Easter divid her self between March and April.  And we stayed at home, no cabinvacation...no kvikk lunsj (a chocolate that everybody eats during Easter, it is Norwegian)... no oranges..and no happy family going skiing...

April came along and I went to the doctor...and she sendt a requisition to the Hospital...finally.  Then the waiting started...  The Blue Anemone shows me that the summer is just arounf the corner...

May started with a huge bomb, for me!  My golf...my car the last ten years told me she wanted to retire...  Stubborn as I am ...she just refused to drive another mile...

And May is doing Evja ready for the Summer...you - my family and friends out there - are so welcome to participate both with the raking! and staying...

June...the best month ever...it is Summer...it is birthdays...Norway is kind warm...the days are usually bright and shiny...and there are plenty of things to do...

This July did not turn out the way she did last year...last year was warm and wonderful...this summer was cold and rainy.  But we managed to get some sunny days at Evja!  And The Old Church - from 1777 - got a new roof!  Our little vacation this year happend in London...and we liked it!  We are going back...sometime!

Then in August I got mail...mail from the hospital...and they will do a surgery on my meniscus in September...love it!  My carpenter time was over...the porch almost finished!  We did a trip to Edel...and Charlotte at Nes and Helgøya!  We did Evja!  I love August...it is still summertime but the fall is just around the corner...

And then in September...Eric from California...a son of one my cousins...spent some of his vacation here in Norway.  We had to have a party!  We had to see a fjord!  We did Holmenkollen and Vigelandsparken.  We did Flisa and Nordre Osen.  We did family.  Thank you Eric for letting me get to know you.  And I had my meniscussurgery...lucky me!

October passed away...so did November...like they always do!  I do what the bears do best...making myself comfortable in a winter lair...

...and then it is Christmas...again!  December, The "cosy" month...family...dinners...food...vacation!
And some who can not drive!

I have forgiven the man who drove into my car...I hope he learned that small cars are cars too!

Have a exciting New Year in 2016.  Let her make the most of it...while you add som inspiration and volunteering...

Happy New Year...to you all...may she be yours!

25 januar 2015

Tørris og Eli

Some weeks ago I got an e-mail from a lady.  An unknown lady named Anne.  She wondered if I knew or rather recognized two pictures of a lady and a man.  I did not.  That is too bad.  But I might - and probably - I got one picture of the lady's brother!
Pictures - from far far behind when "our" great grandparents lived - without names - they are pretty and just nameless pictures.  So please write on the back of all pictueres - take a copy - who are who on it!  It will help the next generation.

This is my Great Great Grandfather Embret Tørrisson and his wife Maria Arnesdaughter.  Taken at Raaberget! in Hof in Solør, Åsnes at their gold weddingday 5. of March 1925.
One of Embrets sisters - Thea Tørrisdaughter married Christian Halvorsson in 1865 - they had eight children.  The two oldest - Hanna and Thorvald - emigrated from Hof in Solør and imigrated to The Promised Land; USA in 1889.  Thea and Christian had 15 grandchildren in USA that they never had seen. Today that is odd and strange.
Embret and Maria had ten children - one of them - Torvald Embretsson born 15. of June 1876 - emigrated from Norway.  I wonder what happened to him?  His oldest sister - Anne Marie Embretsdaughter is my Great grandmother - she died too early.

This ia a chart of my fathers ancestors - this is some of my family - and my DNA - I just have to learn more...enjoy your day...every day...

31 desember 2014

The Last Day in 2014

Then, I guess, a lot of us like to think back - about what really happend with 2014?  Did 2014 turn out to be what you expected? Did you do the right moves?  Well, 2014 turned out to be a good year for me - nothing big happend - but I am a year older and wiser...I think.

I have learned some about DNA - I have a lot more to learn - it is very complexed subject.  Today I have DNA samples from my Grandmother Mimi - my Grandfather Einar and from my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea. I have not been able to "find" a DNA person - to collect DNA from my Grandfather Simon Andreas. Too bad.  One day I might...

Let me introduce you to my Grandfather Simon Andreas Johansson - born 14.th of April 1898 in Elverum  - died 13.th of December 1969 in Flisa.  This picture is taken at Solheim in Kaffegata - in the backyard of my Grandfathers store - in May month in 1941 - and I think it is my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea who took the picture.

You see the birches to the left and right?  Well those - among plenty others - were The Avenue - The Birch Avenue - The Kaffegata.  On the opposite side of the street - there was nothing - not a house  - not a building in 1941.  Like this;

My Grandfather were born into a Methodist home.  Therefor - he is not written down in churchbooks from Elverum. Luckily - my grandfather collected "all" papers from his parents home - and my mother is a collector too - lucky me!

This is a baptist certificate from the Methodischurch in Hamar - and my Grandfathers younger sister, Ester.

I wish you all a happy and exciting New Year in 2015.  I took this picture this morning - it says that 2015 will bring a lot of light - a lot of warmth - and a lot of new questions about DNA and genealogy - in general - but also toward my ancestors.  And I will embrace that - besides my family - my work - genealogy is the third best "thing" that I love.  Enjoy your life...

09 november 2014

9th of November

It's a historical day today...let us not forget...ever.
I am a member of Norsk Utvandrermuseums Venner and about ten days ago we had membership meeting at  Norsk Utvandrermuseet / Migrasjonsmuseet. We had invited two of the very best here in Østlandet to talk about DNA, Trond and Randi.  Thank you so very much, I think we all learned a lot and something new!

Do you look alike your ancestors?  I do.  I got some of my looks from my Grandmother Mimi. I wish I could have had more time with here.  Known her better.

I have green eyes.  I think it is from the DNA from my Grandmother Mimi.  One of my fathers sisters have green eyes.  But it might been from my Grandfather Einars DNA.  I do not think my mothers family have green eyes...hmm...

I wonder if you can inherit mood, kindness, joy and feelings?  My family says that I got my fathers mood. Sometimes I wonder what they mean, or is it just a way of telling me that I am so out of it!  I do not know!

All my Grandparents, Mimi and Einar - Agnes Dorthea and Simon Andreas were hardworking people.  So am I.  Even though, some days it might be a little too exhausting, I know I will manage.  I can not just give in.

I have a sister and a brother, both are younger than me.  We are tree different persons. We do not look alike.  My sister looks like my mother, my brother looks like my Grandmother Agnes Dortheas, older brother Simon.  Even though we got some similar DNA from our parents and all our ancestors.  It is a mix...strange!

Photos can tell a lot - or not - about our ancestors.  You see all the pictures on my wall?  It is some of my Great Grandparents, Grandparents, my parents and my siblings.  The only one who showes their teeth are my mother Grethe, my sister and me.  So do they have teeth, the other ones?  I do not know.  I hope so. They are very serious on theese photos.  A little smile could do...

Have a great week...I know I will...and do not forget to enjoy life...it is there for you...!

27 september 2014

A Saturday in September

This is my Grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughter Langerud. She was born 20th of August 1898 - all my Grandparents are born in 1898.  Mimi died far too early - 24th of February 1965 - she was only 66 years old.

I do remember that day - it was a typical Norwgian Wednesday in February - cold - icecold - the sky was very blue and the sun was shining on the crispy white snow - it looked like silver - I think it was like that - if not - it should have been.
It was meant to be - that my sister and I should have visited our Grandmother that morning - but it did not. My mother had some tulips she wanted Mimi to have.  And tulips in Norway - in February and in 1965 - wow - that was rare.
My Grandmother never got those flowers - and I do regret that. I am "sending" her flowers every day - I visit her every time I am at The Churchyard in Åsnes. Memories...

At Family Tree DNA I have managed to test my Grandmothers DNA.  This is her origins - from far far back in history and untill today. This is hers most distant maternal ancestors of my Family Finder matches. You see all the red spots?  That is "family"...

Saltbalje - Salttub...
This is the "salttub" that Mimi used to preserve ham.  I guess you all know how to use one...? Well, it is on my patio now.
My Grandmother Mimi's maternal line;  Mimi Martinsdaugher born 1898 in Hof in Solør - dead 1965 in Myra, Åsnes.  My Great Grandmother Marie Bergersdaughter born 1857 in Setrehougen, Hof in Solør - dead 1941 at Myra in Åsnes. My Great Great Grandmother Thea Michelsdaughter born 1819 in Snapholt, Hof in Solør - dead 1895 at Løkka in Hof in Solør.

My Great Great Great Grandmother Berte Olsdaughter born 1785 in Hof in Solør - dead 1840 at Snapholt, Hof in Solør. Her mother - my Great Great Great Great Grandmother mother of Berte, when she was born - I do not know.  I have to do more research...

Enjoy your day...I know I will...happy Saturday...!