25 januar 2015

Tørris og Eli

Some weeks ago I got an e-mail from a lady.  An unknown lady named Anne.  She wondered if I knew or rather recognized two pictures of a lady and a man.  I did not.  That is too bad.  But I might - and probably - I got one picture of the lady's brother!
Pictures - from far far behind when "our" great grandparents lived - without names - they are pretty and just nameless pictures.  So please write on the back of all pictueres - take a copy - who are who on it!  It will help the next generation.

This is my Great Great Grandfather Embret Tørrisson and his wife Maria Arnesdaughter.  Taken at Raaberget! in Hof in Solør, Åsnes at their gold weddingday 5. of March 1925.
One of Embrets sisters - Thea Tørrisdaughter married Christian Halvorsson in 1865 - they had eight children.  The two oldest - Hanna and Thorvald - emigrated from Hof in Solør and imigrated to The Promised Land; USA in 1889.  Thea and Christian had 15 grandchildren in USA that they never had seen. Today that is odd and strange.
Embret and Maria had ten children - one of them - Torvald Embretsson born 15. of June 1876 - emigrated from Norway.  I wonder what happened to him?  His oldest sister - Anne Marie Embretsdaughter is my Great grandmother - she died too early.

This ia a chart of my fathers ancestors - this is some of my family - and my DNA - I just have to learn more...enjoy your day...every day...

31 desember 2014

The Last Day in 2014

Then, I guess, a lot of us like to think back - about what really happend with 2014?  Did 2014 turn out to be what you expected? Did you do the right moves?  Well, 2014 turned out to be a good year for me - nothing big happend - but I am a year older and wiser...I think.

I have learned some about DNA - I have a lot more to learn - it is very complexed subject.  Today I have DNA samples from my Grandmother Mimi - my Grandfather Einar and from my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea. I have not been able to "find" a DNA person - to collect DNA from my Grandfather Simon Andreas. Too bad.  One day I might...

Let me introduce you to my Grandfather Simon Andreas Johansson - born 14.th of April 1898 in Elverum  - died 13.th of December 1969 in Flisa.  This picture is taken at Solheim in Kaffegata - in the backyard of my Grandfathers store - in May month in 1941 - and I think it is my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea who took the picture.

You see the birches to the left and right?  Well those - among plenty others - were The Avenue - The Birch Avenue - The Kaffegata.  On the opposite side of the street - there was nothing - not a house  - not a building in 1941.  Like this;

My Grandfather were born into a Methodist home.  Therefor - he is not written down in churchbooks from Elverum. Luckily - my grandfather collected "all" papers from his parents home - and my mother is a collector too - lucky me!

This is a baptist certificate from the Methodischurch in Hamar - and my Grandfathers younger sister, Ester.

I wish you all a happy and exciting New Year in 2015.  I took this picture this morning - it says that 2015 will bring a lot of light - a lot of warmth - and a lot of new questions about DNA and genealogy - in general - but also toward my ancestors.  And I will embrace that - besides my family - my work - genealogy is the third best "thing" that I love.  Enjoy your life...

09 november 2014

9th of November

It's a historical day today...let us not forget...ever.
I am a member of Norsk Utvandrermuseums Venner and about ten days ago we had membership meeting at  Norsk Utvandrermuseet / Migrasjonsmuseet. We had invited two of the very best here in Østlandet to talk about DNA, Trond and Randi.  Thank you so very much, I think we all learned a lot and something new!

Do you look alike your ancestors?  I do.  I got some of my looks from my Grandmother Mimi. I wish I could have had more time with here.  Known her better.

I have green eyes.  I think it is from the DNA from my Grandmother Mimi.  One of my fathers sisters have green eyes.  But it might been from my Grandfather Einars DNA.  I do not think my mothers family have green eyes...hmm...

I wonder if you can inherit mood, kindness, joy and feelings?  My family says that I got my fathers mood. Sometimes I wonder what they mean, or is it just a way of telling me that I am so out of it!  I do not know!

All my Grandparents, Mimi and Einar - Agnes Dorthea and Simon Andreas were hardworking people.  So am I.  Even though, some days it might be a little too exhausting, I know I will manage.  I can not just give in.

I have a sister and a brother, both are younger than me.  We are tree different persons. We do not look alike.  My sister looks like my mother, my brother looks like my Grandmother Agnes Dortheas, older brother Simon.  Even though we got some similar DNA from our parents and all our ancestors.  It is a mix...strange!

Photos can tell a lot - or not - about our ancestors.  You see all the pictures on my wall?  It is some of my Great Grandparents, Grandparents, my parents and my siblings.  The only one who showes their teeth are my mother Grethe, my sister and me.  So do they have teeth, the other ones?  I do not know.  I hope so. They are very serious on theese photos.  A little smile could do...

Have a great week...I know I will...and do not forget to enjoy life...it is there for you...!

27 september 2014

A Saturday in September

This is my Grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughter Langerud. She was born 20th of August 1898 - all my Grandparents are born in 1898.  Mimi died far too early - 24th of February 1965 - she was only 66 years old.

I do remember that day - it was a typical Norwgian Wednesday in February - cold - icecold - the sky was very blue and the sun was shining on the crispy white snow - it looked like silver - I think it was like that - if not - it should have been.
It was meant to be - that my sister and I should have visited our Grandmother that morning - but it did not. My mother had some tulips she wanted Mimi to have.  And tulips in Norway - in February and in 1965 - wow - that was rare.
My Grandmother never got those flowers - and I do regret that. I am "sending" her flowers every day - I visit her every time I am at The Churchyard in Åsnes. Memories...

At Family Tree DNA I have managed to test my Grandmothers DNA.  This is her origins - from far far back in history and untill today. This is hers most distant maternal ancestors of my Family Finder matches. You see all the red spots?  That is "family"...

Saltbalje - Salttub...
This is the "salttub" that Mimi used to preserve ham.  I guess you all know how to use one...? Well, it is on my patio now.
My Grandmother Mimi's maternal line;  Mimi Martinsdaugher born 1898 in Hof in Solør - dead 1965 in Myra, Åsnes.  My Great Grandmother Marie Bergersdaughter born 1857 in Setrehougen, Hof in Solør - dead 1941 at Myra in Åsnes. My Great Great Grandmother Thea Michelsdaughter born 1819 in Snapholt, Hof in Solør - dead 1895 at Løkka in Hof in Solør.

My Great Great Great Grandmother Berte Olsdaughter born 1785 in Hof in Solør - dead 1840 at Snapholt, Hof in Solør. Her mother - my Great Great Great Great Grandmother mother of Berte, when she was born - I do not know.  I have to do more research...

Enjoy your day...I know I will...happy Saturday...!

15 september 2014

15th of September 1898

My Grandmother, Agnes Dorthea Persdaughter Ulvevadet Holter, would have been 116 years old today. She passed away far too early, 30th of September 1965.  This picture is taken in the backyard of The Holters house in Kaffegata, Flisa.

At Family Tree DNA I have managed to test my Grandmothers DNA.  This is her origins - from far far back in history and untill today. This is also my most distant maternal ancestors of my Family Finder matches. You see all the green spots?  That is "family"...

My Maternal line; first of all my mother born 1927, then my Grandmother from Nordre Osen, Åmot Agnes Dorthea Persdaughter Ulvevadet born 1898 - dead 1965.  My Great Grandmother Emilie Dorthea Dorthinusdaughter Ulvevadet born 1868 -  dead 1919.  She was born at Nordre Løsset in Åmot.  Her mother and my Great Great Grandmother Eli Engebretsdaughter Storaasen born 1843 - dead 1922. She also grew up in Nordre Osen. 

This is The River Nordre Osa in Osdalen, Åmot

My Great Great Great Grandmother Kirsti Pedersdaughter born 1807 - dead 1893 grew up at Løssetosdalen in Nordre Osen, nearby Storaasen.  Her mother - my Great Great Great Great Grandmother Anne Engebretsdaughter born 1775 - dead 1856 grew up in Slettås, Trysil. Then Anne Persdaughter - my Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother - born 1743 - dead 1810 was born at Eltdalen in Trysil.
This is so far I know.  Well I do know that Anne Pedersdaughters mother is or was! Anne Olsdaughter and that she was married to Per Halvorsen in 1743.  And she is my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother...so!

Enjoy life and enjoy yourself...Good Night!

06 september 2014

4th of September 1898

Two days ago it was 116 years since - my fathers father - my Grandfather - Einar Karlotsen was born.  You can read about him here.

At Family Tree DNA I have managed to test my Grandfathers DNA.  This is his origins - from far far back in history and untill today.

At Family Finder Einar Karlotsen have a lot of matches - today about 730 different people in his base - sharing tiny DNAs together.

Life is strange - you see - the most distant ancestor I have found in the churchbooks are my Grandfather's  father!  Karlot Marius Martinsen born 1876 - dead 1955.  I will keep looking...for a Martin Olsen born about 1850...

Then the sun came to HedEmarken...it is time to do some gardening...enjoy your day...

13 august 2014

...and the Finnish names

Well, the sun made my day...I have a lot of gravel in my driveway...it shall not be there...but in my garden...I'm making me a sunny spot!

...this stone...this fantastic memorial stone with the 423 (I think) family names...

My grandparents DNA says that I am a descendant of thoose from Finland who came to Sweden and Norway for about 400 years ago. Two of the family names that comes along in my genealogy are Havuinen and Lehmoinen. You see the names on the right side of the picture.

Theese two pictures or maps says where I am from...kind of!  The first one is my grandmother Mimis map...the second one is my grandfather Einars map.



...it's a tiny little bit scary...that a "q-tip" in my mouth...can see where I am from...fantastic...enjoy your day...

07 august 2014

DNA and me...me and DNA

I know now, that this blog will turn into a blogsite about my family and my genealogy.  Perhapes one day I will show my scrapbooking here again...but until then...it will be about my ancestors and me.
I have heard about DNA...I have read about DNA...but I do not know what it genuine are!  Do you?
Well, I know it is about who I am...and why I become me...and I know that my siblings and I share some "similar" DNA...so what is this DNA?
I do not have the answers to that.  But I will try to understand what it is by reading about it.  I know that I am a mtDNA and that my brother is an Y-DNA.  This project - Norway DNA Norgesprosjektet - has a lot of answers to a lot of questions...about DNA.

This is a picture I took nearly nine years ago in Grue Finnskog...the sea in the background are Røgden. This memorial stone or monument is one of the reasons why I took to wonder about me and my DNA.  It contains all the last names of those Finnish who settled in in The Finnish Forrest around 1500 - 1600. 

I'll do more later...suddenly the Sun sprang loose on a blue sky...do remember to enjoy...

16 januar 2014

What will 2014 bring...

Happy New Year 20014!  I wonder what 2014 will bring me?  And what can I give 2014?  I'm turning 55 this year.  It's five years since my brother and my son and I spent three wonderful and unforgettable weeks in USA and drove through 15 of The United States!  Wow, where did thoose 5 years go?

My mother Grethe and my son, Jan-Nichlas on my birthday in 2009.  It's taken in our driveway to Evja, our place in Nordre Osen.

My brother and his new Muurikka.  A pan for making great food outside.  It's June 2010, it's Evja and it's some of the best part in Norway, of course!

We usually stay the week-ends during the summer at Evja.  It's relaxing, it's freedom, it's family, it's genealogy, it's beeing ourself.  This is The River Nordre Osa 2011 - she is just passing by, and our marshy bay.

Summer of 2012 - it just rained - it was just rain - and lots of rain - no SUN at all - but Norway was verrry green.  I didn't use my porch a lot during that summer.

Last June, 2013 I finally visited - Domkirkeruinene - you can read more about them here!  And it was summer and sun!  It was great.

But before this new year stats, I have to throw out Chrismas of 2013.  I bought myself a new tree last year - a treetree - it's designed in Denmark.  This tree is smashing!.  It's me!  Enjoy your day...

04 januar 2014

A new Day...start with breakfast

I am not that keen on breakfast - not during the workingdays.  Mostly I make myself a smoothie with different berries, cinnamon and vater, and a scoop with protein powder. 

But during the week-ends I like to lay the table with nice china, flowers and a tablecloth.  And some good food and company!

Today I am going to put some of the Christmas stuff down to the basement...it is over...this time.  Enjoy your day...I know I will...:)

02 januar 2014

A new Year...A new Beginning...A new Title...

...I do not know yet.  I just know that scrapping takes less hours of my spending time. 
Genealogy and family...are demanding more hours that I can provide...so I will take the Scrap out of my blog title and put in the Health?

I bought this book some times ago...I think I will start using it...not to the extreme...but my way. 
Yesterday I had the last familydinner, "this Christmas"  Swedish Christmas ham served with green vegatables, flatbread from Røros and caramelpudding made by the book.  Delicious...

Have a great Thursday...it is breakfasttime for Nichlasen...enjoy your life...!

21 juli 2013

...no scrapping no more...?

It's been a long time since I posted in my blog.  Times change...will I ever scrap again?  I hope so...but not just now!  That I know for sure.  I know that my house, my home will take a lot of my hours the next few years...I lived here since 1992...so some new paint and other adjustments are needed!

This is Evja...one of the most peaceful places on earth.  No wonder why so many left the Nordre Osdalen to find happiness and joy other places...in other countries...with other people!
Still, it's my place...a place that's - for me - represent freedom and health.  A place where I can sit still and do my genealogy.  A place we siblings inherited from my mother.  I am so grateful to her for letting us bring this wonderful place to the next generation.  Thank you.


Happy Birthday you our Crown Princ Haakon Magnus...yesterday he had a party at Skaugum...his residence.  I had one too.  A party...my mother and my brother for supper.  Enjoy...

This is some of my porch...I have too much flowers this year...but last year and the year before that again...all my flowers drowned...it was just too much rain...but now it's warm and sunny...I love it!

You see the "saltbalje"...salttub?  It belonged to my grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughter.  She had hams in the tub...covered the ham with salt...then it became smoked ham.  I rememer her doing this...that's a very long time ago...before 1965...she died that year.

I hope Jan-Nichlas will come home soon...I know his a clever big boy...working and earning money...then he can lay down - Kit; is that right? - and read all his sience fiction books on my day bed...looking foreward to seeing him soon.
Have a wonderful day...enjoy every minute of it...it will not come back...  

01 januar 2013

1. January 2013

Happy New Year to you all!  This year will be a good one, I think.  We - the women - in Norway have a 100 years celebration to attend to.  A 100 year with universal suffrage!  Congratulation to all of us!  Freedom in our own way.
The people in Nordre Osen has always been strong and selfdeterminated.  Long before 1777 - they had an idea that they too should have a church.  They didn't get any help, well nearly any help from The Norwegian Church.  But they did what they had to do - like us, the girls - they build a church - a red church.  And in 1777 the peolpe in Nordre Osen could use their own Church. 

Nichlas did decorate our Christmas Tree this year - he likes doing that.  I bought him this one some years ago...
And of course I have some nisser - here are two...I don't think they are married...)
Have a Splendid and Happy New Year - make yourself some goals, I've made mine...and enjoy...:)

25 desember 2012

Christmas Day 2012

A Very Merry Christmas to you all!  We spent Christmas Eve togheter with my mother and my brother.  Ribbe, pølse og surkål! Roasted spareribs!!, sausages and sour cabbage...all Norwegian style.

We have plenty enough of snow...the blue sun has vanished and it's dark outside.  The fire place is warm...the mittens are on...yes it's Christmas and winter in Norway.

...even my diningroom is getting there...
Have fun and do not forget to enjoy...!

09 desember 2012

9. December

Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede
De står og skinner for seg selv 
og oss som er tilstede
Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede
Av; Inger Hagerup
Så tenner vi det andre lys
da kan vi bedre se.
Vi venter på at Gud, vår far
skal gi sin sønn hit ned.
Av; ukjent

So far - so good!

04 desember 2012

4. December

Today a colleague of mine and I visited another colleague.  She is at the hospital and very sick.

It was so good to talk to her.  Even when she get tired very fast.

Theese hearts are for her.  She deserves them.
You kind of feel that life is very tender and fragile.
Hope she can be home for Christmas.  I am so glad I know her.

03 desember 2012

3. December

It's Monday today - and my Pusur / Garfield says; I hate Mondays. 
First, it was freezing cold outside - about minus 3 / three Farenheit - then my beautiful Golf had a flat battery - I knew that - but I hoped it would last a little tiny bit longer.  Late for work but the serviceman fixed my car - he almost washed it, too!

At work I had to skip an impotrant meeting - buying a brand new battery instead.  So now my old Golf is kind of very new one - like this one!  ...in my dreams...my sweet dreams...
After dinner and ready to read newspapers - I always read todays newspaper on my PC - but not today - it was down - like my cars flat battery.  Even Garfield do not know all the words I located in my vocabulary!  But you all now I have the worlds best son - and he fixed my PC even thoug he's at Hadeland.  He is the best!
This Santa is climbing on my roof - hoping to reach the chimney within Christmas - I hope he does because I really want a Beetle - a red Beetle!  Enjoy...