31 desember 2009

New Years Eve

Yesterday was cold - it was minus 26 degree Celsius or minus 15 degree Farenheit!  And I'm the lucky girl with a fireplace and tons of chopped firewood - so it can be as cold as it want too, outside!  This is my driveway and you might! see the golden sun - she'll be with us now - stronger and stronger - day by day!  I just love that.

This is my view toward south.  The sky was blue yesterday and the "fog" is from Mjøsa.  She's like me - she doesn't like the cold weather - so she's "fogging" because she is hot and the air is freezing cold.  Amazing.

This is west - the picture is taken from our second floor - here you really see Mjøsa and her "fogging"  In a couple of years - we hope to go west one more time.  Thank you so much - all of you - that made our trip go through.

I wish YOU all a Happy New Year - might the new year be the very best, ever!  Enjoy...

30 desember 2009

The Day Before New Years Eve

It's not Christmas untill the tree are in the house and decorated!  Well the tree was in the house on Christmas Eve and I did some decorating on Christmas Day!  So Nichlas, Christmas is here!  Welcome!

I just love red Christmas flowers - and I have no clue - what so ever - what their names are in English - so please help me out!

Here are some white flowers - I love them too!

This is my snowy porch - it's about 40 centimeters / 15 inches white snow - and I do not like snow.

Anyway - it's Christmas - have a wonderful time - where ever you are - and enjoy life!

27 desember 2009

The Last Sunday In December

Yesterday, my son Jan-Nichlas turned twenty years old - Happy Birthday to you!  He's not very pleased having his Birthday during Christmas - he was hoping to be a May boy!

Here he is shoveling snow in our driveway

Here's my brother - helping out!  Thank You so very much!

It snowed 32 centimeters or about 12 inches!  Why?

Have a fun Sunday - play and enjoy...

25 desember 2009