01 august 2010

The First Day in August

Hello to you all!
I see that many bloggers have one year with blogwriting everyday - I think that is a good idea!
Therefor I will - try - to Congratulate everybody who are in my Brother's Keeper list.  I will just use their first name, their patronymic, the year they are born - no one under 80 years old - and their genealogy location. And perhapes a little story.  Hoping no offend!

I have only three genealogy locations.  Nordre Osen which is my grandmother Agnes Dorthea Persdaughters family.  Elverum which is my grandfather Simon Andreas Johannssons family.  And Åsnes which are both my grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughters and my grandfather Einar Karlotsons family.

So Happy Birthday to you all with your Birthday 1.th of August
Karoline born 1858 Nordre Osen
Kristine Dortea 1859 Nordre Osen
Kari 1896 Nordre Osen
Anne Haldis 1904 Elverum
Bjørn 1928 Åsnes

This is Nordre Osa - my brother and my son are canoeing!
Have a nice Sunday...thanks for looking into my blog and remember to enjoy...