09 juni 2009


Last Sunday I turned FIFTY! It is not depressing at all - actually it's a relief. Now I can consentrate on beeing in my fifties - not trying to avoid them. I did celebrate my birthday at Evja - my mothers country house. Here she is togheter with her grandson - my son - in the driveway wishing everybody welcome!

This bouquet I got from my co-workers and my boss - togheter with a beautiful shawl and some wonderful blue jewelry - Thank you so much - I just love it!

It was very cold and it was rain in the air - that's why we had a party tent - where is the summer - it's June!?! It was barbecue - bløtkake / layercake and pea soup on the menu. And lots of wool plaids - it was cold!

And the view - the marshy bay- this time from my brothers cabin - enjoy!

Today it's only 18 days untill our trip starts - the trip to The United States. We're driving straight to Central City in Colorado after Carson City in Nevada.
Sorry Utah - see you later - I have an appointment in Gilpin County. Her name is Lina - she is my Great Grandmothers - Emilie Dorthea Dorthinusdaughters - half sister.
And then it's over - just driving through Nebraska - Iowa and Illinois.
We have already started to plan our next trip to the promised land - driving from New York to the states in the south - like North Carolina and Tennessee................................
Thank you so much for visiting my blog - and enjoy life!