10 januar 2010

A Sunday In December

Finally I got my water back - it's been frozen since Wednesday!  Now it'a only minus 23 Celsius or minus 9,4 Farenheit - anyway, Spring is far away!

Hilde is a gorgeous card maker and she has given me this Award - Thank you so very much, Hilde!  I really appreciated the wonderful Award - saying; I am a creativ blogger!

And then Mette gave the same award to me!  Thank you so very much!  I realy like it!  Mette is a marvelous cardmaker - take a good look in her blog.

Her er reglene for awarden

Kopier awarden til din blogg

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Fortell 7 interessante fakta om deg selv
Velg 7 andre bloggere som du sender awardeen til
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Her er de syv flotte bloggerne som jeg er innom for inspirasjon

And then - the seven "interesting" facts about me - Old Memories

I'm hopelessly in love with scrapping and genealogy
I'm a totally B person - love to do things during nighttime - hate mornings
I don't like snow and wintertime at all
I'm totallt dependent of my Golf and my PC
I really like it - when people leave a blogcomment in my blog
I just loved being 50
I have one of the worldst nicest boy - my son Nichlas
Have a wonderful next week - enjoy...