27 august 2010

27th of August

Hello - Shame on me - I told myself I should write everyday in my blog - but I havn't done that since last Sunday.  But - and it's always a but - I had a tough and fantastic week at work.  And Nichlasen went to Oslo to his father for a year or six - he's going to work and go to school, I hope!

I could have and I'm doing it now, Congratulations to
Peder Pederson 1818 Nordre Osen
Tilda Andersdaughter 1860 Nordre Osen
Mimi Martinsdaughter Langerud 1898 Hof Åsnes

Mimi is my fathers mother, she is my Grandmother and she died in 24th of February 1965 - to early - far too early.  She married my Grandfather Einar, 31th of October 1925 in Åsnes Church.  They had four children, Marit, Inger Marie, my father Ola-Martin and Eivind.  Inger-Marie and Eivind are living at Flisa.  Every time I drive through Flisa, I have to visit my Grandmother at Flisa Cemetery.  I only wish we could have had more time toghether.  Mimi had three brothers who emigrated to USA and Canada.  I've found Theodore in Montana, USA.  I've found Bottolf in Alberta, Canada.  Now I have to look after Asbjørn Martinson - I know I will find him - some day!

Have a beautiful evening - I'm going to do some treadmillsmiles - thank YOU for visiting my blog - and don't forget to enjoy...