27 august 2010

27th of August

Hello - Shame on me - I told myself I should write everyday in my blog - but I havn't done that since last Sunday.  But - and it's always a but - I had a tough and fantastic week at work.  And Nichlasen went to Oslo to his father for a year or six - he's going to work and go to school, I hope!

I could have and I'm doing it now, Congratulations to
Peder Pederson 1818 Nordre Osen
Tilda Andersdaughter 1860 Nordre Osen
Mimi Martinsdaughter Langerud 1898 Hof Åsnes

Mimi is my fathers mother, she is my Grandmother and she died in 24th of February 1965 - to early - far too early.  She married my Grandfather Einar, 31th of October 1925 in Åsnes Church.  They had four children, Marit, Inger Marie, my father Ola-Martin and Eivind.  Inger-Marie and Eivind are living at Flisa.  Every time I drive through Flisa, I have to visit my Grandmother at Flisa Cemetery.  I only wish we could have had more time toghether.  Mimi had three brothers who emigrated to USA and Canada.  I've found Theodore in Montana, USA.  I've found Bottolf in Alberta, Canada.  Now I have to look after Asbjørn Martinson - I know I will find him - some day!

Have a beautiful evening - I'm going to do some treadmillsmiles - thank YOU for visiting my blog - and don't forget to enjoy...

22 august 2010

22th of August

Then it's Sunday and my last summervacation day - I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm trilled with joy!  Last week I didn't do much blogging - shame on me! 

My Aunt Randi was here for three days.  We did halibut, bacon and swine, we did Edeldesign and Skafferiet, we did shrimps and we did goodbye at Gardermoen.  Have a blast in Copenhagen and thank you for visiting us!

Anyway I have to Congratulate on the 18th
Ole Asmund Halvorson 1924 Nordre Osen

Congratulate on the 19th
Hans Johanson 1798 Åsnes
Even Evenson 1854 Nordre Osen
Melius Kenneth Martinusson 1913 Nordre Osen, USA

My mother Grethe and her sister Randi - some years ago - at Vålerbyn!
Have a nice day - thank you for stopping by and enjoy...

17 august 2010

17th of August

Today I've done some gardening, haven't done so much during the summertime.  A Aunt of mine came from Kristiansand - Welcome!

Yesterday I should have Congratulated
Peder Pederson 1778 Nordre Osen
Edmond Cammers 1929 Nordre Osen / USA

Today I want to say Congratulate to
Margreta Andersdaughter 1760 Hof / Åsnes / Sweden
Helene Pedersdaughter 1854 Nordre Osen
Karin Olsdaughter 1900 Nordre Osen

This is my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea Persdaughter - My Grandfather took it!
Have a nice Thursday and enjoy...

15 august 2010

15th of August

It's been a out of the house and no internett wek-end - it's been SUN and warmth in Norway for two days!  On Friday we did a trip to Sweden and it poured down from heaven with water - thunder and lightning.  It's "never" rained like that - roads are destroyed and some places pepole are stuck because of the rain.  Horrible.

I would like to Congratulate on Friday the 13th
Arne Einarson 1908 Hof in Åsnes

Yesterday I should have Congratulated
Oline Johansdaughter 1857 Nordre Osen
Martinus Person 1863 Nordre Osen
Anne Marie Hjalmarsdaughter 1921 Nordre Osen

Today I want to Congratulate
Mikkel Olson 1831 Nordre Osen
Per Jonson 1857 Nordre Osen
Ole Martinusson 1929 Åsnes

This picture is taken at Nordre Osen by my Grandfather Simon Andreas.
I would like to say Happy Birthday to one of his grandchildren - Bruce Simon - who were 55 years old last Friday.
And I want to say Happy Birthday - today - to my "aunt" Kari who was married to the little boy on this picture.

Have a nice night - thank you for visiting my blog - and do not forget to enjoy life...

12 august 2010

12th of August

We did Osdalen for three days - and there are no internett in my mothers cabin!  But we had three relaxing days - doing very little - well my brother did the roof on the "bua" - more about that later.

I would like to Congratulate the 10th. of August
Kolbjørn Knutson 1760 Hof Åsnes
Marte Amundsdaughter 1812 Norde Osen
Anders Nilson 1831 Nordre Osen
Halvor Martinson 1846 Hof Åsnes
Marthe Martinsdaughter 1849 Hof Åsnes

Here is the one I have on the 11th of August - Congratulation to
Fred Robert Graef 1911 USA

And today I want to Conratulate
Hans Mortenson 1826 Norde Osen
Tollef Knutson 1840 Nordre Osen

Nice one...enjoy...and thanks for visiting my blog!

09 august 2010

9th of August

Another beautiful summerday in Norway - enjoyable...

I want to Congratulate
Petro Soohie Syversdaughter 1863 Ånes
Amelia Everson 1868 Åsnes USA
Gilbert Godtmarsen 1922 Nordre Osen

Varg and me watching the rainy weather - have fun and enjoy...

08 august 2010

8th. of August

It's been another wonderful day here at Stangelandet - it's been sunny from a clear blue sky - and it has been warm - love that.

Today I want to Congratulate
Erik Karinus Persen 1820 Nordre Osen
He was a younger brother to Eli Storaasens mother, Kirsti Persdaughter

The picture it's out of focus but enjoy it anyway....

07 august 2010

7th. of August

Hello to you all
Sitting here in my livingroom - watching The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary consert om my television - seeing Ozzy Osbourn and Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Pattie Smith and all the rockers - remembering all the fine lyrics - I'm glad I got to "know" them all.

Today I want to Congratulate
Lisbet Mortensdaughter 1818 Nordre Osen
Solvår Martinsdaughter 1917 Nordre Osen

Anyway - this is the creek a mile or two up in the mountains from Øverbekken - it's a wonderful landcape in Rendalen.  My Great Great Great Great Grandmother Goro Sæmingsdaughter moved here with her parents around 1784.  And we had a beautiful day in the wilderness. 
Thank you for looking into my blog - do not forget to enjoy...

06 august 2010

Happy Birthday!

Last week i did read - Ett Trykk - a fabulous magazine for cardmakers and scrappers.  And I do scrap! 
It was a rainy day and I discovered the card article with tealight - it's written by one of Norways best cardmaker - Lena KatrineLena Katrines card is wonderful!  Thank you so very much for the good description - how to make!  Yesterday a third cousine of mine had her Birthday - Congratulation! 

It's Basic Grey paper and ordinary plain cardboard.

I always ink my scrapbooing and cards with Archival Ink, Sepia Color from Ranger - I just love that one!

Here are the tealights waiting for their new home!

I use the Tim Holtz ink blending tool - it's beautiful!

This is how I do the gluing...

I love embossing!  Here is one stamp from Stempleglede and one from Stampit - I have embossed with Rangers Antiquities Frosted Crystal

Martha Stewart edger - love them!

The flowers from Kort & Godt are Glimmer Misted with Tattered Leather and Pink Ink from Tattered Angels.

A used a picture from Gudrun Loenneckens collection with vintagepapers on the matchbox - from Minnehjørnet.

So Happy Birthday, Ingeborg!

Here are the flowers coverd with some glitter...

Inside the card i embossed a border from the Grunge Collection made by Stempelglede - marvelous!

I used two small magnets to lock the card...

The front...

...and the back of the card - using nestabilities from Spellbinders - and "my stamp" are from Lisbets Scrapmagasinet.

Vintage Udfordring is a new challenge site from Denmark - todays challenge are about flowers - and this card has flowers and are vintage - join them!

I had a splendid week-end - and I really love this craft - thank you for looking into my blog and do not forget - enjoy...

The First Friday in August

This Friday is a little bit different than the others Fridays.  It's raining and it's grey weather outside - thats not unusually in August. It's De Nordiske Jakt og Fiskedagene in Elverum...it's Festspillene in Elverum...and it's Landsskytterstevet in Elverum...and one more thing...it's Elverumsdagene in Elverum.  It happens in Elverum, Sør Østerdalen - Good Luck!

I want to Congratulate
Karen Halvorsdaughter Skjærbekken Løvhaugen 1824 Nordre Osen
She was married to my Great Great Great Grandmother Siris brother Christen.  They had nine children together.  Christen died and Karen married Nils Gudmundson Løvhaugen from Elverum.  They have no children.  They emmigrated to The Promised Land in 1887...I wonder what happend to Karen?

 Today my father - Ola-Martin Einarson - would have been 80 years old.
That makes this Friday a little bit different.

This colorful oildraft is one in a million that my father has done.  He was a creative soul.  Doing a lot of crafts. 
Have a beautiful Fridag, thank you for visiting my blog and do not forget to enjoy...life!

05 august 2010

5th. of August

Today we've been at Edeldesign - a spectacular MadeinNorwayNow place at Nes in Hedmark - you must visit!  Our brunch we had at Skafferiet - a charming place at Helgøya - go! 

Today I want to Congratulate
Marta Enoksdaughter 1896 Nordre Osen

Harold Ernest Theodorson 1918 Åsnes USA
His father Theodor was a brother - who emigrated to Montana - of my Grandmother Mimi.

This is a picture from The State of Montana - taken last year ather we had visited Little Bighorn Battlefield - a fantastic historical place to visit - have a great Thursday - thanks for looking into my blog and - don't forget to enjoy...

04 august 2010

4th. of August

It's been a wonderful and sunny day here at Stangelandet today!  We had a long bbq dinner at my porch.  Now Nichlasen and Varg are having a good and long stroll - and I'm sitting in my green room writing this!

Today I want to Congratulate
Johannes Johansen 1896 Elverum
He was an older brother to my Grandfather Simon Andreas.  Johannes died of appendicitis only 22 years old.  This is Johannes in his uniform, he was a sergeant in The Norwegian Army.

Have a nice Wednesday, thank you for visiting and don't forget to enjoy...

03 august 2010

3.th of August

Today has just vanished - it's going so fast theese vacation days - well I got some strawberries in the my freezer and I painted a roof in my mothers house.  It's been a great day - warm and sunny - love days like this!

Today I want to Congratulate
Inger Jensdaughter Bekken 1867 Nordre Osen

Per Olson Luvaasen 1828 Nordre Osen
Per was Lene Martinusdaughters first husbond, he died in 1871, some years before Lene immigrated to The Promised Land.   Per and Lene had six children, three of them went to The USA and Per has 19 grandchildren over there.

Some nice trout from Nordre Osen...enjoy...

02 august 2010

2.th of August

Hello - I have learned a new word to today.  I've used it many times - I even have it in my name - but never tried to learn it.  Before today.  It's the word patronymic - name derived from that of a father or ancestor.  Like mine, Oladaughter - my fathers first name was Ola.  But it's hard to say - patronymic.

Today I will Congratulate
Syverine Amine Nilsdatter born 1862 Nordre Osen
She lived in Nordre Osen, she was my Great Grandfathers - Per - oldest sister and she died in childbed fever, only 18 years old.  The word is that she was not allowed to to marry the one she loved which was her boychilds father.  She mourned to death.  Sad story.

Olaf Embretson Engebretson born 1886 Åsnes
He lived in Hof and Åsnes and he was a younger brother to my Great Grandmother - Anne Marie.

This is the marshy bay where my mother has her cabin in Nordre Osen - beautiful?
Have a wonderful Monday and don't forget to enjoy...

01 august 2010

The First Day in August

Hello to you all!
I see that many bloggers have one year with blogwriting everyday - I think that is a good idea!
Therefor I will - try - to Congratulate everybody who are in my Brother's Keeper list.  I will just use their first name, their patronymic, the year they are born - no one under 80 years old - and their genealogy location. And perhapes a little story.  Hoping no offend!

I have only three genealogy locations.  Nordre Osen which is my grandmother Agnes Dorthea Persdaughters family.  Elverum which is my grandfather Simon Andreas Johannssons family.  And Åsnes which are both my grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughters and my grandfather Einar Karlotsons family.

So Happy Birthday to you all with your Birthday 1.th of August
Karoline born 1858 Nordre Osen
Kristine Dortea 1859 Nordre Osen
Kari 1896 Nordre Osen
Anne Haldis 1904 Elverum
Bjørn 1928 Åsnes

This is Nordre Osa - my brother and my son are canoeing!
Have a nice Sunday...thanks for looking into my blog and remember to enjoy...