21 juli 2013

...no scrapping no more...?

It's been a long time since I posted in my blog.  Times change...will I ever scrap again?  I hope so...but not just now!  That I know for sure.  I know that my house, my home will take a lot of my hours the next few years...I lived here since 1992...so some new paint and other adjustments are needed!

This is Evja...one of the most peaceful places on earth.  No wonder why so many left the Nordre Osdalen to find happiness and joy other places...in other countries...with other people!
Still, it's my place...a place that's - for me - represent freedom and health.  A place where I can sit still and do my genealogy.  A place we siblings inherited from my mother.  I am so grateful to her for letting us bring this wonderful place to the next generation.  Thank you.


Happy Birthday you our Crown Princ Haakon Magnus...yesterday he had a party at Skaugum...his residence.  I had one too.  A party...my mother and my brother for supper.  Enjoy...

This is some of my porch...I have too much flowers this year...but last year and the year before that again...all my flowers drowned...it was just too much rain...but now it's warm and sunny...I love it!

You see the "saltbalje"...salttub?  It belonged to my grandmother Mimi Martinsdaughter.  She had hams in the tub...covered the ham with salt...then it became smoked ham.  I rememer her doing this...that's a very long time ago...before 1965...she died that year.

I hope Jan-Nichlas will come home soon...I know his a clever big boy...working and earning money...then he can lay down - Kit; is that right? - and read all his sience fiction books on my day bed...looking foreward to seeing him soon.
Have a wonderful day...enjoy every minute of it...it will not come back...  

01 januar 2013

1. January 2013

Happy New Year to you all!  This year will be a good one, I think.  We - the women - in Norway have a 100 years celebration to attend to.  A 100 year with universal suffrage!  Congratulation to all of us!  Freedom in our own way.
The people in Nordre Osen has always been strong and selfdeterminated.  Long before 1777 - they had an idea that they too should have a church.  They didn't get any help, well nearly any help from The Norwegian Church.  But they did what they had to do - like us, the girls - they build a church - a red church.  And in 1777 the peolpe in Nordre Osen could use their own Church. 

Nichlas did decorate our Christmas Tree this year - he likes doing that.  I bought him this one some years ago...
And of course I have some nisser - here are two...I don't think they are married...)
Have a Splendid and Happy New Year - make yourself some goals, I've made mine...and enjoy...:)