25 april 2010

Last Sunday In April

I'm not a very good blogger - right now.  Varg is taking a lot of time - but he's a gorgeous little puppy.  My garden is a mess - I didn't do much last fall - getting that now!  I have a wonderful job - but demanding - and I just love it.  Then I have some voluntary things that I have to keep track on.
That's why I haven't been scrapping or attending any crops lately - and I don't like that.  I feel I'm missing the connection to the scrapbooking social set and all my scrap! friends.
Like Scarlett O`Hara said - Tomorrow, yes tomorrow - it's always another day!  It's no excuse - I'm looking foreward to Mjøstreff   -  The Gathering for Scrappers and Cardmakers  -  A huge thanks to Scrappe Lise and Moia!  Take a good and long peek in their blogs - they are just some of the best scrappers and cardmakers I know!
This layout - well I 've used a looong time making this one.  It's me sitting on my fathers back, waving to my mother.  The picture is taken either at Svullrya - a small place in Grue County or Kjølaberget in Åsnes County.  Anyway, I used to say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all the time - must have turned my parents "crazy"

Have a nice day, it's grey weather here at Stangelandet today, I'm going to put up! my picket fence and getting Nichlasen to paint it!  That's going to be the hardest part - enjoy...