25 desember 2012

Christmas Day 2012

A Very Merry Christmas to you all!  We spent Christmas Eve togheter with my mother and my brother.  Ribbe, pølse og surkål! Roasted spareribs!!, sausages and sour cabbage...all Norwegian style.

We have plenty enough of snow...the blue sun has vanished and it's dark outside.  The fire place is warm...the mittens are on...yes it's Christmas and winter in Norway.

...even my diningroom is getting there...
Have fun and do not forget to enjoy...!

09 desember 2012

9. December

Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede
De står og skinner for seg selv 
og oss som er tilstede
Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede
Av; Inger Hagerup
Så tenner vi det andre lys
da kan vi bedre se.
Vi venter på at Gud, vår far
skal gi sin sønn hit ned.
Av; ukjent

So far - so good!

04 desember 2012

4. December

Today a colleague of mine and I visited another colleague.  She is at the hospital and very sick.

It was so good to talk to her.  Even when she get tired very fast.

Theese hearts are for her.  She deserves them.
You kind of feel that life is very tender and fragile.
Hope she can be home for Christmas.  I am so glad I know her.

03 desember 2012

3. December

It's Monday today - and my Pusur / Garfield says; I hate Mondays. 
First, it was freezing cold outside - about minus 3 / three Farenheit - then my beautiful Golf had a flat battery - I knew that - but I hoped it would last a little tiny bit longer.  Late for work but the serviceman fixed my car - he almost washed it, too!

At work I had to skip an impotrant meeting - buying a brand new battery instead.  So now my old Golf is kind of very new one - like this one!  ...in my dreams...my sweet dreams...
After dinner and ready to read newspapers - I always read todays newspaper on my PC - but not today - it was down - like my cars flat battery.  Even Garfield do not know all the words I located in my vocabulary!  But you all now I have the worlds best son - and he fixed my PC even thoug he's at Hadeland.  He is the best!
This Santa is climbing on my roof - hoping to reach the chimney within Christmas - I hope he does because I really want a Beetle - a red Beetle!  Enjoy...


01 desember 2012

1. December

This will be my Advent Calendar - I'm hoping to write every day until Christmas Eve!  Taking pictures too.
Today I have to do! my wall of IKEA cupboards.  Making myself a place for all my stuff - collected over fifty years. 

I hope Nichlas and I can have Christmas dinner here...we'll see!  Last week-end Nichlas and I went to Hadeland Glassverk to get the Christmas feeling.  And we did!  It's a great place for the whole Family.  And I love thees small "nissene"
Later today I'm going to Actic...getting fit for Christmas and 2013.
Have a wonderful 1. Day in Advent...enjoy...!