26 mai 2009


I have made two Confirmation card this May. This card I gave to our neighbours girl.
It is "kind of" vintage - with craft cardboard and my sepia ink!
The picture is designed by Gudrun Loennecken for Minnehjørnet - lovely pages with fantastic "old" pictures.

The notes are from my piano note book - dreadful Strauss Waltzes! - I do not have a piano so I soaked them in coffeee - iiik - and they ends on my cards and scrapbook layouts!
Prima flowers and bling from, well I do not remember - tulle and pearls from my sewingdesk! Yes, I do have one!
Stamps from Scrapmagasinet and Stempelglede! I love their stamps - even they are so different.

Have a nice day and thank you for visiting my blog!

22 mai 2009


Times just flies away - like an 747 airplane high in the blue sky! Last Sunday were May the 17. here in Norway - the most Norwegian day, ever! Everybody are wearing Bunad / national costume - waiving with the Norwegian flag and having good times.
My mother - my brother and I spent the week-end at my mothers cabin - Evja! It was strange - the first time with out Cindy - she just loved that place!
Anyway, here's some pictures from the National Day in Nordre Osen.

We do have the most loving woodpecker - here's some of his works! The bird are made by a "famous" blacksmith, I do not remember his name - sorry!

Here's the flag - the Norwegian Flag in our driveway. See the pine roots and the sand - that's how it's at Nordre Osen. Lots of pines and lots of sand - and the sunniest sun ever!

This is the river Osa - and the marshy bay - we saw some Canada goose and some grey! dukcs - on Osa. They do come back every year - from where? - I don't know!

This field is my nearest neighbour. It's right before it sprouts green! The farmer has a huge tractor and GPS!! - whatever - and makes the field look like this!
Have a nice day - and feel free to leave a comment or two - enjoy!

11 mai 2009


This is Jan-Nichlas - in a hurry last Christmas on his way through the door to IKEA! He is not enthusiastic about IKEA - but I am! And of course I have to stop at IKEA when I pick him up in Oslo! He has to come along - getting some dinner and ice cream! Anyway - we are having a great time!

After Washington State we are driving south - to the sunny State of California! Hoping to visit our cousins in Shingle Springs and Sacramento. We might spend some dollars in Reno, Nevada! :-) And Bonanza - The Cartwright Family - The Golden West - the boots and the hats!

Have a wonderful sunny week! And thank you for visiting my blog - the old one!

03 mai 2009


Hello! Today is a bluegrey Sunday! It's not sunny and it's not rainy! But Spring is here and it's getting warmer - love that!

This award I got from Sosa a long time ago! Thank you! I'm not a everyday blogger - things takes time!

I guess a lot of bloggers already have this fancy "makes my heart smile" award - therefor I will give it to - ALL - the bloggers who visit my blog and leaves a comment!

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Enjoy - and have a wonderful Sunday!