11 januar 2009


Jeg har fått denne flotte award av Moia. Tusen tusen takk!
The rules are like this:
1. Put a link on your blog from whom you got it.
2. Give it to 5 new blogs (which in their turn have to give it to 5 new blogs).
3. Put a link on your blog to those blogs you give it to.
4. Give the blogs you give the award to a note that you have given them this award.
5. Write 5 things you are addicted to:

I'm addicted to so much but
1 My family are just great
2 Genealogy
3 Scrapbooking and cardmaking - get to use my hands
4 Old pictures from my Grandfather
5 My job!

I will give it away later - not tonight! Still Good Night! Like now............................

Vidar - a great genealogist

Lena Katrine - the card maker from Nordre Osen

Merete - a great scrapbooker

Gine - a super scrapbooker from "over there"

Sosa - my best friend on MSN - and a superb scrapbooker and card maker


Last fall some of us scrapbookgirls from Hedemarken attended a scrapbook course at Papertrends - a former scrapbookstore in our Capitil Oslo

Here are our "teachers" Tove and Xtine. Tove makes colorful scrapbooking layouts that are amazing - she's a wonderful scrapper. Xtine is colorful and makes wonderful layouts.
It was quite a challenge - making layouts with papertapes, old musicalnotes, plastic and light fabrics. We used glitter and old newspaper and laces. We had fun. Thank you, both of you.

This is my little son - Christmastime some years ago - some toys were always i bed with him - and thats years Christmas present - a radio.

This is the same son - in my sisters boyfriends ox barn. They live far up north in Norway - Troms. My sister is a teacher and her boyfriend is a famer and he have lots of oxes.

It's the same boy - here in Benidorm, Spain making soapbubbles. We spent a lot of vacations in Benidorm and in the nearby area - Albir, Altea and Alfaz del Pi. It's a great place - sun - beaches - sand and warmth - I do like it there.
Sleep tight and good night!