30 mars 2008


This picture is taken around noon, Dec 26. 2007.

This picture is taken around 6.00 pm.
And Jan-Nichlas turned 18 years in between. We forgot to take a straight picture so the layouts will do! To go 18 in Norway you get a lot of adult chores like - vote - buy beer - get a VISA - stand by yourself - make your own decisions - take a driver's license - your grown up!
Today I have done nothing except some scrapping and stamping and wash some laundry and tried to paint some shelves. It's raining and snowing and I am sick of it! I want SUN!
Have a nice day, whereever you are!

27 mars 2008


The Lady

The Cat

Hi! Sitting here reading papers on the internett. Todays topic are the awful and sad story about a building in Ålesund that collapsed because of rockslide and five people are still missing. Tragic.

Tomorrow after work I'm leaving for Hafjell and an annual meeting in one of the associations I'm a member of. Then Cindy - the animal - has to spend the night with my brother ... and she just loves that.

Here are two cards that I made at a course I went to. Kirsten is a fantastic teacher. And Malene has a fantastic scrapbook / card store. It's my first time with ink and brush.

Thank you for looking, please leave a comment.

The Lady;
Stamp from Art Impression and Stempelglede.
Paper from K&Company.

The Cat;
Stamp from Penny Black and Stempelglede.
Paper from K&Company.

24 mars 2008


I dag er dagen da Nichlasen reiser og jeg blir alene. Ikke helt alene da, Cindy - dyret - er jo her. Og jeg gleder meg til i morgen...skal på jobb! Jeg bare er sååå glad i det jeg gjør. Men i dag skal jeg ihvertfall scrappe en påskeutfordring! Så får vi se hva det blir til.

Here's the story about when Nichlasen become a lumberjack! We had to take down ten pines at Evja. My brother used the chain saw and Nichlasen pulled the pines down - in a way! And I took pictures.

21 mars 2008


A day before last Christmas I was shopping in a hobbystore in Hamar. And there on the counter - Ett Trykk - A stampingmagazine made by three girls in Norway.

I bought it and forgot about it untill after Christmas Day.

There it was the most amazing handmade card I ever seen. Snuppeline, the guestartist had made it. She is making wonderful cards. Even tough she is not aware of it..............she is one of the reasons I started stamping cards. BeritR is the other reason.

I knew I had to try......................and I did. My card is made with Adirondack Alcohol Ink. The stamp - a Rakle - is from Scrapmagasinet.

18 mars 2008


Var på kurs i stempelkurs i går. På Unikhobby. Med Kirsten. Kjempeflott....og lærer så mye. Kortene legges inn senere.

I went to Oslo yesterday to pick up Nichlasen. He's coming home for the Easter. Well actually he's leaving tomorrow for The Gathering http://www.gathering.org/tg08/

He just loves his PC and his Mac and Spaceworld. TG is in the Vikingskip that was build in Hamar for The Winter Olympics in 1994. http://www.hoa.no/

16 mars 2008


I've tried so hard to make a layout for the Sketchcompetition at Scrapbookexpress. But no! I am a slow scrapper! I'll finish it later.

Here are my Grandparents. They are newly engaged as you can see at the picture. She lived in Osen, Åmot and he lived in Elverum. They got five children and settled down at Flisa, Åsnes.

09 mars 2008

Søndag 9. mars

Her er mitt første gridkort. Surfing på leting efter kortkurs endte opp med medlemskap i Rubberstamps. Kjempeinspirerende nettside. Jeg har brukt de stempler jeg hadde da.
Teksten er et utdrag fra Paulus's Første brev til Korinterne.1. Korinter, 13, 4 - 13Kortet skal sendes til Trine Prost som var med oss og lot oss være, da far reiste til et annet sted. Hun forstod at vi greide dette. At vi hadde ryddet i livene våre. Og at vi viste, at far har det bra nå. Trine skal til Stockholm og være der for andre.