22 desember 2008


One December Night - I wonder - isn't that a Christmas Song! I don't remember - anyway it's almost Christmastime and Santa is coming - I hope!

This is my south view. It's what I see when my eyes are wandring around.

Have a wonderful day - today and tomorrow. I'm going to drive Nichlasen at work - shopping some things I rally need - and then decorating the house.

07 desember 2008


This card was fun making. I wish I had a lots of spare time to just make cards!
Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


This is a Penny Black rubber stamp - I like her stamps. I've tried to make this years Christmas cards in different colors - not red! The Happy Hollidays are made in shrink plastic - fun to make - try it!


I'm not a quick blogger - I'm a slow blogger. My life is pretty busy these days - not because it's Christmas - I'm not through with last years Christmas!! Busy because life is busy! I want to partcipate in scrapping - blogging - stamping - politics - genealogy - crops and a lot more that is fun - and gives me a lot of joy!

Here are some pictures of my brother - taken this years September - in Osen. The place God left but never forgot.
Have a nice trip - don't forget to have fun!

11 november 2008


Hello - I'm back! At the pink forum we had this scrapping relay - and we had to lift a layout made by Tracie H. And I do'nt know who she is - sorry!

We have a border collie - her name is Cindy C. She had to remove a tumor from her head - poor Cindy - and the veterinary had to made some stiches on her head - the picture s are taken right after we arrived from the clinic. She loves the bathroom floor - probably because of the warmth in the floor.

The "mouth's" are made by Krumelure and her Scrapmagasinet. She is a wonderful person and she makes amazing stamps - just look! I've painted the mouths with alcohol ink - the idea are from Ett Trykk.

The circle are made by the small retro flower punch. I punched them in shrink plastic and painted them white.
The papers are from imaginationproject - the colors are just me! I do love colors.

Have a safe journey, sleep well and good night!

10 november 2008


Beate is a scrapper who gives me a lot - her vintage styled layouts, scrapped in colors.
Her photoes often in black and white - I just love black and white photos.


Hello - long time since I wrote in this blog of mine. The world is busy - and so am I! I have a demanding job - that I love. I have hobbies like scrapping and stamping. I have my genealogy that are so exciting. And at last my little big border collie, CindyC. Ohh I almost forgot my son, my own little angel thar are apprentice's in a "nerded" store in our Capitol Oslo.
This layout are one of many in the "scrappestafetten" at the pink forum We were challenged to pick a color - I chose yellow - then we had to make a lift in vintage style - a layout made by Sessad.
I have used Grafton Maxwell Avn cardstock from Scenic Route Colletion The angel is from this collection - I just love the cardstocks from 3ndypapers - the two girls are just fabulous.

I liked the challange - thank you Ruffa!

The picture - taken in our garden at Gamleveien in Flisa - is not very good - and it's a dias. But I can still feel the taste of the sweets that my aunt from California had sent us - the taste of cinnamon - the taste of America.

My sister and I had got pink baby dolls and sweets from aunt S. It's early in the 60s - 1964 / 65 - and we were so proud.

I've used a lot of scrap - painted in yellow - some laces - the sweet are painted with alcohol ink and my ink pad Versafine in vintage sepia.

Have a nice journey - have a wonderful November - the month in front of Chistmas and December. Ho ho ho!

05 oktober 2008


It's wintertime and I'm like the bears - making myself a comfortable lair! The candle glasses are from Magnor - a place nearby Sweden. Their making wonderful glasses. Just look for yourselves!
Good Night and have some Sweet Dreams!


A blue winter and Christmas card. The stamp is from Anita's, I've used distress ink and grungeboard from Tim Holtz crushed velvet from Doodlebug Varme klemmer stamp from Ett Trykk The cardstock and paper are - well I bought them for a while a go!
Thank you - Ett Trykk - I've had a marvelous time - the challenges - the excercises - the spirit from your designers - it's been a "sunny" week-end!


Here's my card - white and beige. The Saint Nick stamp is from inkadinkados The cardstock are plain beige and white. The paper with golden letter - I have no idea which company made that - but it's lovely! I've used string, some old pearls, clear stamp from inkadinkados which I embossed white. I stamped on shrink"plastic" and I don't remember the name of the stamp, sorry! I had a wonderful time making this Christmas card.

04 oktober 2008


Hello - I have to do little dusting and cleaning here - but first - take a look at ETT TRYKK
The very best Norweigian Scrapmagazine ever! The designers are just IT!

Happy birthday to you ALL, cardmakers and scrappers! We are having the very - very best hobby!

This layout is old - its fall here in Stange - the farmers kreeps out from here and there - starts reaping all over. The picture is printed on white bazzil - the straw are real! - I picked them before the flames eat them all. Some farmers still burn down their land after harvesting - its not a good thing to do - neither for us nor for the entire environment. This fabulous land - the very best Norvegian soil - are still farmland and this was the last time they burned it!
I called the layout - de som stod igjen - the remains one

13 august 2008


I dag har det vært ferie i heimen - har ikke utført noe fra min lange ferietingågjøreliste. Og godt er det!

Har sendt tre kort til Kristiansand - håper det "unseen" faller i smak.

Det er så mange nye blogger og candyer og tagger og awarder som er der ute - jeg greier ikke å følge med på alt - det blir til at jeg roter rundt der jeg er kjent - samtidig så er det inspirerende og givende! noen ganger å løpe rundt fra nye siter til siter. Det er i hvertfall ikke kjedelig!

Her er en blogg - Et Hus - som har festet seg hos meg - ser ut som det blir et kreativt sted å stikke innom - og bli kjent. Flotte designere - kreative og glødende - alle fem - pluss hoveddesigneren med sin egen kjente rosa stil - britastilen! Lykke til alle seks!

10 august 2008


This August is wet and cold and theres no summertime in sight. Too bad! But then again I'm able to paint and decorate my scraproom. I'm making myself a scrap / media / genealogy room. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

My aunt from Kristiansand stayed some days with my mother in July. She was going to Cocktailstua with her youngest son, Kristian. He had a new motorbike and drove all the way from Mandal. Tough gay!

My aunt Randi wanted me to make a card for a couple thats having their Golden Wedding Day. It's a challenge at the pink forum and it inspired me to make this - your welcome to leave a few words - have a wonderful week and enjoy whatever your doing!

20 juli 2008


Denne skulle jeg ha svart på for lenge siden. Kirsten Aune har tagget meg med dette. Og du skulle ha sett det jeg leser akkurat nå - bare scrappeblader!

Book challenge:
Pick up the nearest book. Open on page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Her er min bok - blandt de mange som er i - ved - under - ved siden av - rundt om mitt nattbord. Karsten Alnæs sin Historien om Norge - Under fremmed styre - side 123 - setning fem:

......Efter at vi hadde sett dem slik to ganger, gikk de forbi oss med samme letthet som de møtte sine ene, for det kalde strøket og det at vi til stadighet så dem, påviket oss slik at vi efter hvert ikke brydde oss om det......

Og hvem skal så bli tagged? Moia - Merete - Stine - Hilde - Tea

Lykke til - alle fem! Gøy med bøker!


Og slik ble After Eight dåpsesken til lille Filip.
Papiret er kjøpt hos Happy Hobby på Gjøvik - hos Hilde.
Var der på treff i juni - alletiders treff.

07 juni 2008


Today I'm 49 years old! And today I'm starting the countdown for my next birthday, getting 50!! Celebrating in the USA! On the internett I found a map - not an ordinary one - one with no text just names of all the states. Now I'm using my pen - writing down all the people I know in The USA - and the Cities I want to see - to explore!

This is the book - from 1840 - telling how IT started in Osdalen - Lene Martinusdaughter Luvåsen went to Idaho in the USA - Oline Dorthea Martinusdaughter Valen went to Madagascar in Africa - and the oldest, Ingeborg Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet who were "stuck" in Osdalen, Åmot, Hedmark, Norway.

Later I will tell about how it started in Flisa - Hof - Åsnes and who left Norway - for the promised land USA. Have a wonderful "syvendejuni"

18 mai 2008

18. MAI

Endelig! Finally!

It's a sketch from Ett Trykk. The scrapmagazin has contests and this sketch is for June 08. But I never could make the deadline at 20. April so I finished it yesterday.

It's my mother - Grethe - she's taken pictures at a photograf - probably at Flisa, Åsnes.
I enjoyed doing this layout. I'm leaving a little bit of my soul in it.
I have used Basic Grey's Coellction pack; sultry.
And 3ndypapir.no by Gudrun Loennecken and Lene Solhaug. Marvellous paper!
Flowers by? brads from ? mesh by?
I do not know! Because everything I buy I put in diffrent zip lock bags and thats it! And then I throw away the "garbage" Sorry!
The flowers are glazed. The brads, they were white, are embossed pink and then glazed with diamond glaze. All the letters are pained white and glazed and sprinkled with embossing powder. The wellum are driven through in the Cuttlebug and driembossed and distressed with green distressed ink. The pin are bought for sewing and the pearls are very fake. The "roll" I've made - much wather and distress ink - the metal envelope and heart I've bought at Unikhobby here in Hamar. The lace are from ... you tell me!

Thank you for looking at my mom!

13 mai 2008


This card I made at Unik Hobby in Hamar.
Kirsten Aune was teaching how do to a photostamp and I think I did pretty good!
Kartong: Bazill - Raw Silk Precious, Aloe Vera og svart.Mønsterark: Basic Gray - Sultry Whisper.Stempler: Stampsmith - fotostempel, Ett Trykk - Clearstamps Tekst og En hilsen fra hjertet.Blekk: Archival Ink - Jet Black, Versa Color - Petal Pink og Split Pea.Diverse: Dies fraCuttlebug, krympeplast, diverse perler og garn.

And then we tried the new stampd from Ett Trykk. They are so lovely!

Kartong: Bazill - Canvas Bahama, Aloe Vera og brun (vet ikke navnet på den).Mønsterark: Prima Aurora Collection - Clearwater.Stempler: Penny Black - Hot but cool, Ett Trykk - En hilsen fra hjertet (2) og Tagplate.Blekk: Archival Ink - Jet Black. DistressInk Reinkers - Tattered Rose, Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Peeled Paint, Broken China, Aged Mahogany.Diverse: Dies fra Quickutz Revolution og Cuttlebug, Retro Flower Punch i 3 størrelser, diverse perle-pynt.

The last card today.....weel it is soon Christmas! It was a challenge at Scrapbookexpress to make one card with coffefilters, not used! It's handmade with scraps!

Enjoy your day! Its soon 17. may! Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

01 mai 2008


This is Oline, Lenes oldest daughter

My mothers cousine, Nils, gave me this familypicture of Oline and her family.  It has been at Fabrossetra in years.  

Oline is Lenes oldest daughter.  She emigrated to The Promised Land in 1883.  Together with her mother Lene, and her housebond Per and all the other children.  They settled in at Moscow in Idaho, USA.

Lene Martinusdatter Ulvevadet, 23. sep 1839 - 15. oct 1918, was first married to Per Olsen, 
3. aug 1828 - 20. jan 1871, from Luvåsen in Slemdalen in Osen, Åmot, Hedmark.  They had six children togehter.  

Per died and Lene married Per Person, 22. jul 1846 - 21. feb 1925, from Løssetosdalen in Osdalen, Osen.  They had four children.
There were a brother Ole, born 18. Jan 1858.  He died 16. Feb in 1859.  Thats why Oline is oldest.
Olnie, 30. Apr 1860 - 1940, married Johan Ingvar Kristiansen, 24. Dec 1856,  from Holmslien, Ytre Rendalen, Åmot.  They had two children here in Norway.  And got seven more in The USA.

The second picture are Lene Martinusdaughter Ulvevadet Dahl with daughter Oline Persdaughter, here daughter Mina Bue and Olines granddaughter Oline Margaret.

The lady on the second layout is Lene.  Picture taken at Hamar before they left for The USA. Familypicture taken in Moscow, Idaho after 1903.

Its not a god scanning.  I'll put in the pictures some day.  If you know anything or have any connection with this family - The Ulvevadet Family - let me know - thanks.