20 september 2009

A Grey Sunday in September

Hello - then I've been scrapping!  Last spring - Scraporama Stortreff - had a huge crop and I was there - of course.  Naboen - she's a wonderful scrapper - had made this basic papers and fabrics for a layout - I attended one of her classes at the crop and finished the layout now!
This is my mothers aunt - Ester Johansdaughter Holter Opsahl - on her - I'm not sure, but I do belive it is - Confirmation day.  Her family was Methodist and therefor I can't find the exactly date in any Norwegian Churchbook.  But if any - out there - know where I can find dates like that - I sure would be glad.

This little tag - yes thanks again to my Mother - she is an amazing collector - this is Aunt Esters handwriting - cute?

I usually buy white or beige scrapcstuff - so all the flowers you see on this page - they have had a makeover by me!  I've been using Wild Plum - from Ranger Ink - it's an Alcohol Ink that I had on a little spray bottle with some water.  Likewise did the leaves get a makeover - I've used Glimmer Mist's Cinnamon from MyTattered Angels.


Thank you so very much for reading my blog - I like that!   It's pouring down outside - silly rain!  Enjoy life!

08 september 2009

Thank you America

This was my birthdaygift to me - this wonderful trip we had. We did Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. We did three time zones. We did 6465 american miles - 10502 kilometers in the most comfortable and luxurious car, our! Ford Flex. And to My Mother, thank you - for letting us having a car like that - you should have been with us! We meet our cousins in Montana, Washington, California and Colorado. Thank you all for making this trip wonderful. You are ALL invited to Norway - welcome. This picure is taken in Keystone - in the Black Hills region in South Dakota. So - thank you America - we'll meet again!

And to you who has read and made comments - thank you!
Do it! Do what you really want to do! Explore it! And enjoy it! I did.
Now it's time for scrapping and cardmaking - love that! Enjoy life!

The Last Day on Interstate 80

The last day with driving the our! Ford Flex. From York in Nebraska State to Aurora in Illinois State - 594 miles - 950 kilometers. The sky is blue - it is warm and the Interstate 80 has just turned to 10 lanes as we drive into Des Moines.

Nebraska and Iowa - fields with corn and windmills - quite different from Stangelandet.

Detta hadde vært noe det Truls? It's not the Norwegian way - but we can always dream.

The Mississippi River - we past her twice - the first day heading west - and the last day heading east.

After spending our last night in The USA in Aurora, Iowa we drove the last few miles to O'Hare - the international Airport in Chicago, Iowa. The last billboard - well it had to be McDonalds!

This is the most boring airport I have ever been to. Long hallways - white walls and nothing to shop - so I took the last dollar with me home! Sorry O'Hare!

Here he is - Eric The Viking - the air-plane who's going to bring us to Stockholm, Sveden

Thanks to my brother and thanks to my son - I had a terrific and wonderful time with you two guys! We'll try to do it again in three years! Like The South of America. Thank you!

06 september 2009

Going east on Interstate 80 - Nebraska

This is the road to Golden - the last place Lina lived. It's Thursday and we are turning our! Ford Flex east - but first I had to visit a scrapbookstore - and I did! Spent a lot of money - more about that later - so we had to drive through Cheyenne one more time and then we turned east.

This is a looong train - a very looong train. We saw a lot of them together with all the truckers and trailers along the road.

This is Nebraska - flat - green and sunny! We were lucky!

Pumping oil - the American way!

They just started her in Ottestad too - the treshing - - this is 16th of July - Nebraska

I kind of liked the windmills - they're not beautiful - but they're making good power with wind - well here's one windmill coming along the road - biiig!

Nebraska are the land of corn - we saw hundred of acres with corn - nice to know when having them in my salad!

This is the biggest grain elevator in Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Something we could have on our E6 here in Stange?

Godnight and farewell Nebraska - we're staying over in York - tomorrow we're going to Chicago.

Have a nive Sunday in September - it's sunny today - I might do something in my garden. Enjoy!