30 juni 2009

Rapid City, South Dakota

America so far is huge, it's green and it's flat. And we just luv it! Her skulle du ha vøri, Andreas!

We drove from Ottestad at 0500 am - to Gardermoen - then Stockholm - and then finally Chicago, Illinois. We flew Airbus - and it took nearly ten hours from Sweden to Illinois. We picked up this car - a Ford! - and drove to Rochester in Minnesota and went to bed at 0400 am - Saturday!

Sunday hot and warm and sunny! From Rochester in Minnesota to Rapid City in South Dakota. Shopped at Wal-Mart and then hit the Interstate 90. Just a minor stop at 1880 town.

This is Interstate 90 - westbound - to Rapid City in South Dakota.

Have a wonderful summertime - thank you for visiting my blog!

21 juni 2009


Today has been sunny, and quite warm - finally the summer is here!
We have booked hotel - in Rochester Minnesota - it's about 500 kilometer or 311 miles from O`hare International Airport in Illinois. We're only staying there for a night - our first main stop are Rapid City in South Dakota.

This is my Grand Aunt Esther - she was a younger sister to my Grandfather. I've used a lot of flowers, laces and bling! The paper are from K&Company.
I just love their collection!

Have a warm and enjoyable week - and Thank you for visiting my blog!

16 juni 2009


Last week-end I was, together with 50 other scrappers, at Mjøstreff 2009 - a splendid crop! Thank you Berit, Anne-Lise and Moia! Let's do it again - I enjoyed every minute - you are the best!!!

This layout I made at a kindergartencrop in Oslo - the very best - thank you Stine and Tove!

Boltiten is a bird - they told us - and we had to make a layout with boltiten! This is mine interpretation - me at Kirkenær - age two and a half years old.

Have a wonderful week - mine is busy! Talk more later - enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog!

09 juni 2009


Last Sunday I turned FIFTY! It is not depressing at all - actually it's a relief. Now I can consentrate on beeing in my fifties - not trying to avoid them. I did celebrate my birthday at Evja - my mothers country house. Here she is togheter with her grandson - my son - in the driveway wishing everybody welcome!

This bouquet I got from my co-workers and my boss - togheter with a beautiful shawl and some wonderful blue jewelry - Thank you so much - I just love it!

It was very cold and it was rain in the air - that's why we had a party tent - where is the summer - it's June!?! It was barbecue - bløtkake / layercake and pea soup on the menu. And lots of wool plaids - it was cold!

And the view - the marshy bay- this time from my brothers cabin - enjoy!

Today it's only 18 days untill our trip starts - the trip to The United States. We're driving straight to Central City in Colorado after Carson City in Nevada.
Sorry Utah - see you later - I have an appointment in Gilpin County. Her name is Lina - she is my Great Grandmothers - Emilie Dorthea Dorthinusdaughters - half sister.
And then it's over - just driving through Nebraska - Iowa and Illinois.
We have already started to plan our next trip to the promised land - driving from New York to the states in the south - like North Carolina and Tennessee................................
Thank you so much for visiting my blog - and enjoy life!