28 april 2010

Last Wednesday In April 2010

Gunn has given me theese two Awards.  She is a fabulous craftsmaker and a genealogist.  Here is a link to Gunn's blog.  Thank you so very much, Gunn!  I realy appreciated both awards.

Reglene som følger med er:

1. Give a top ten list of the things that make you happy.

2. Give a top five list over trivia about yourself.

3. Share the award with only five persons and ask them to do the same things.
4. Link the blogs you choose, and link the blog of the person who awarded you.

Ten things that make me happy...well Nichlasen does sometimes, Varg too.  Summertime, Evja, scrapbooking, genealogy, freedom, my jobb, my car, and my mother.
I'm a typical B-person, I like long evenings, making dinner, I'm curios and unpatient.
I also got this blog with sharm Award.  Thank you Gunn!
Det følger noen regler med denne og de er som følgende :
1. Legg ut awarden
2. Gi den til 12 personer
3. Link til de du gir den til
4. Fortell det til de som får den. Fortell hvem du har fått den av.

 I'll give theese two beautiful Awards to Scrappelise, Merete, Gine, Mette and Lena Katrine.  They are great scrappers and I love their layouts and cards.  Enjoy their blogs...

26 april 2010

I Turned 5 Months

I had my fifth months anniversary strolling! with Nichlasen and Bendichte.  We usually take a long walk after 8 pm.  This evening we did Ottestadstien to Utvandrermuseet.  Since I havn't seen real water - we took a "uturn" down to Mjøsa - you know - Norway biggest lake.  You also see the contour of Vikingskipet - it was build to The Winter Olympics in 1994 - the very best - ever - winter games!!


25 april 2010

Last Sunday In April

I'm not a very good blogger - right now.  Varg is taking a lot of time - but he's a gorgeous little puppy.  My garden is a mess - I didn't do much last fall - getting that now!  I have a wonderful job - but demanding - and I just love it.  Then I have some voluntary things that I have to keep track on.
That's why I haven't been scrapping or attending any crops lately - and I don't like that.  I feel I'm missing the connection to the scrapbooking social set and all my scrap! friends.
Like Scarlett O`Hara said - Tomorrow, yes tomorrow - it's always another day!  It's no excuse - I'm looking foreward to Mjøstreff   -  The Gathering for Scrappers and Cardmakers  -  A huge thanks to Scrappe Lise and Moia!  Take a good and long peek in their blogs - they are just some of the best scrappers and cardmakers I know!
This layout - well I 've used a looong time making this one.  It's me sitting on my fathers back, waving to my mother.  The picture is taken either at Svullrya - a small place in Grue County or Kjølaberget in Åsnes County.  Anyway, I used to say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all the time - must have turned my parents "crazy"

Have a nice day, it's grey weather here at Stangelandet today, I'm going to put up! my picket fence and getting Nichlasen to paint it!  That's going to be the hardest part - enjoy...

10 april 2010

It's April...already!

This is my little puppy Varg.  He just love the snow.

Varg is a Swedish Lapphund and he has a brother and a sister.  You can read more about his Sabmebæna family here.

Varg is a playful, stubborn and loving little puppy.  He loves beeing outside in the garden, barking at anything that "moves" from leaves to me!  We're having a long ang good stroll every night.  He likes dried fish, bones and playing with his water.  He's one happy dog!
The best thing about Varg - well to me - he is not a morning dog!
Enjoy your day...