28 februar 2009


Hello - and good afternoon - sitting here talking with my son on msn. Strange this "thing" writing letters on my wireless keyboard - and Jan-Nichlas staying in Oslo writes his own words on his laptop! and I'm reading them here in Ottestad - amazing and strange - and I'm very happy and lucky! Bet you are too!
This is a layout from scrapliftcompetition at - The Pink Forum - I didn't win, but I had a lot of fun - and I tried Prima flowers - a lot of them - it was quite challenging.
The picture is taken August 2007 - it's the SAND i Ryensjøen and the only cloudberry I saw that year.
It's still WINTER here in Norway - we have tons of snow - I'm not a snowfan! But the SUN is here and the sky is blue - spring is right around the corner!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy!

22 februar 2009


My Great Great Great Great Grandmother Goro Sæmingsdaughter lived nearby Ryensjøen. She lived at Storbekken Nordre or Øverbekken as we call it.
My Grandfather had a cabin called Siristua at Øverbekken. Some years ago we picked cloudberries - we could use a scythe! - there were plenty!
In this part of Rendalen there's nothing except bears, wolfs and trouts! We like to mountain hike during August when the colors are sparkling and the weather are warm.
I made this layout in a sketchcompetition at Scrapbook Express - The Pink Forum - have a pleasant journey and enjoy!

08 februar 2009


This card is for my wonderful mother - she is just the best! The picture are her mother - Agnes Dorthea Persdaughter - to the right and one of her sisters - Palma Lydia Persdaughter - to the left. It's taken by my Grandfather - Simon Andreas Johanson - in Nordre Osen. Proably taken 1921 or 1922.


En herlig blog candy - finner du hos en fantastisk flott kortlager - Lena Katrine - ta en reise gjennom hennes blog - herlig!