10 oktober 2010

A Sunday in October 2010

I tried to blog everyday - it didn't work out - sorry!  I'm not a person who have time and energy to blog and talk and show pictures everyday - I kind of admire those who do. 

Where September went I don't know - it was here and now it's history!  Fall is here - we do have around 40 Farenheit degrees - the birches are turning yellow and then red and then their naked - and then wintertime.  I do the same as the Østerdalsbears - I "go to sleep in winter lair".  I'm not a winterperson - it's getting stronger every year - this thing against wintertime.  It's beautiful here in Norway - it's white snow and clear blue sky and it's freeezing cold!  I don't know why that's so good?  I like it warm and sunny and I like my lawn staying green!  

This time of the year here in Norway - proably many other places too - there are moose hunting - and many counties are kind of shut down because "everybody" are in the woods hunting European moose and having a blast!  They say - I don't know - I've never tried it.  Both my Grandfathers - Einar Karlotsen and Simon Andreas Johanson - did hunting - moose hunting.

I usually buy half a moose calf - it's delicious meat - try it!  Here's Varg getting his part of the moose.

Have a grat Sunday - Thank you for visiting this blog og mine - and do not forget to enjoy...