31 oktober 2010


Happy! Halloween to you all!  I'm in a mood - scrapping - some.  Havn't done that for ages - miss it!  Scrapping is relaxing and I just love it. 

Theese "kransekake" fingers was an idèe from Lisbeth - Krumelure - and I took it!  Thank you, Lisbeth!

Have a Halloweensk! Evening - thank you for your lovely comments, I love them - and do not forget to enjoy...

17 oktober 2010

Another Sunday in October

This was meant for last Sunday - but time passes so fast I can't follw up all I want anymore.  I wish every day had some more hours - specially made for crafts and blogging!

This is an old picture and and an old layout of Rebekka Johansdaughter Holter.  She was born October 10th in 1905.  My Grand aunt Bekka was a Betanien nurse and she never married.  She passed away December 27th 1993 in Oslo.

Thank you for visiting my blog...and enjoy life!

11 oktober 2010


Today Varg and I walked through Åkersvika Naturreservat towards Norsk Utvandrermuseum.  It's a small place with some old houses and a church brought to Norway from USA.  I'll tell more abot the houses and the church another time.  Today I want to show you Håndkjerrepionerene from Salt Lake City in Utah.

The main Håndkjerrepionerene / Handcart pioneers are placed at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  It's made by a Norwegian, Torleif S. Knaphus, who emigrated to The Promised Land in 1906.  The statue in Norway is a copy of the one he made in 1924.  The big one - the one on Temple Square was made in 1947.  I'm sorry we didn't have time visiting Salt Lake City last year - but I drove through The City - but next time...

If you ever have time to stop near Hamar and Utvandrermuseet - do it!

Pictures taken in April this year - enjoy your travel...

10 oktober 2010

A Sunday in October 2010

I tried to blog everyday - it didn't work out - sorry!  I'm not a person who have time and energy to blog and talk and show pictures everyday - I kind of admire those who do. 

Where September went I don't know - it was here and now it's history!  Fall is here - we do have around 40 Farenheit degrees - the birches are turning yellow and then red and then their naked - and then wintertime.  I do the same as the Østerdalsbears - I "go to sleep in winter lair".  I'm not a winterperson - it's getting stronger every year - this thing against wintertime.  It's beautiful here in Norway - it's white snow and clear blue sky and it's freeezing cold!  I don't know why that's so good?  I like it warm and sunny and I like my lawn staying green!  

This time of the year here in Norway - proably many other places too - there are moose hunting - and many counties are kind of shut down because "everybody" are in the woods hunting European moose and having a blast!  They say - I don't know - I've never tried it.  Both my Grandfathers - Einar Karlotsen and Simon Andreas Johanson - did hunting - moose hunting.

I usually buy half a moose calf - it's delicious meat - try it!  Here's Varg getting his part of the moose.

Have a grat Sunday - Thank you for visiting this blog og mine - and do not forget to enjoy...