21 januar 2009


Hello, this is my Great Grandmother Emilie Dorthea Dortinusdaughter, born March 26th in 1986 at Sjøli in Ytre Rendalen in Hedmark County. She grew up at Løsset in Rendalen where her single mother Eli Engebretsdaughter Storåsen worked as a milkmaid. I do not know - she probably did - if Emilie Dorthea ever knew about all her half sisters and half brothers?
Emilie Dortheas father was Dortinus Pedersen, he had 12 children with three different girls.
His oldest daughter is named Lina Dortinusdatter, born November 18th 1865 and she emigrated from Norway in May 1885 - destination The Promised Land. Lina married John, a Swedish guy and they settled in The State of Colorado where John worked as a Gold Miner. They had seven children - I think.
I have been looking - searching - digging for Lina and here family for over a year now. And nothing to find after the year of 1930.
Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are very lucky! And I am very very lucky girl!
Here did I find Linas Family! I am thrilled and exited about the new family in The USA - Welcome!