31 desember 2009

New Years Eve

Yesterday was cold - it was minus 26 degree Celsius or minus 15 degree Farenheit!  And I'm the lucky girl with a fireplace and tons of chopped firewood - so it can be as cold as it want too, outside!  This is my driveway and you might! see the golden sun - she'll be with us now - stronger and stronger - day by day!  I just love that.

This is my view toward south.  The sky was blue yesterday and the "fog" is from Mjøsa.  She's like me - she doesn't like the cold weather - so she's "fogging" because she is hot and the air is freezing cold.  Amazing.

This is west - the picture is taken from our second floor - here you really see Mjøsa and her "fogging"  In a couple of years - we hope to go west one more time.  Thank you so much - all of you - that made our trip go through.

I wish YOU all a Happy New Year - might the new year be the very best, ever!  Enjoy...