22 mai 2009


Times just flies away - like an 747 airplane high in the blue sky! Last Sunday were May the 17. here in Norway - the most Norwegian day, ever! Everybody are wearing Bunad / national costume - waiving with the Norwegian flag and having good times.
My mother - my brother and I spent the week-end at my mothers cabin - Evja! It was strange - the first time with out Cindy - she just loved that place!
Anyway, here's some pictures from the National Day in Nordre Osen.

We do have the most loving woodpecker - here's some of his works! The bird are made by a "famous" blacksmith, I do not remember his name - sorry!

Here's the flag - the Norwegian Flag in our driveway. See the pine roots and the sand - that's how it's at Nordre Osen. Lots of pines and lots of sand - and the sunniest sun ever!

This is the river Osa - and the marshy bay - we saw some Canada goose and some grey! dukcs - on Osa. They do come back every year - from where? - I don't know!

This field is my nearest neighbour. It's right before it sprouts green! The farmer has a huge tractor and GPS!! - whatever - and makes the field look like this!
Have a nice day - and feel free to leave a comment or two - enjoy!

5 kommentarer:

Lena Katrine sa...

Å du asså! var du i Osen forrige helg - og så ga du meg ikke et pip en gang??? Gi meg et lite pip neste gang da, så kommer jeg kanskje på kaffebesøk ;)

Flotte bilder - Osen er et nydelig sted, ikke sant ;o)

Ha en superfin helg! Go'klem

Scrappelise sa...

Nydelige bilder og nydelige motiver!

Anne Bente sa...

wawwww hvor er der dog flot, nydelige billeder

tovetyll sa...

ååå de bildene er bare helt fantastiske, elsker særlig det siste, en sånn grå, lang åker er jo det herligste som finnes!! det er en egen ro over det.

så flott at dere hadde knall 17.mai!


ninabakke sa...

Så fine bilder :)

Delta gjerne på