30 juni 2009

Rapid City, South Dakota

America so far is huge, it's green and it's flat. And we just luv it! Her skulle du ha vøri, Andreas!

We drove from Ottestad at 0500 am - to Gardermoen - then Stockholm - and then finally Chicago, Illinois. We flew Airbus - and it took nearly ten hours from Sweden to Illinois. We picked up this car - a Ford! - and drove to Rochester in Minnesota and went to bed at 0400 am - Saturday!

Sunday hot and warm and sunny! From Rochester in Minnesota to Rapid City in South Dakota. Shopped at Wal-Mart and then hit the Interstate 90. Just a minor stop at 1880 town.

This is Interstate 90 - westbound - to Rapid City in South Dakota.

Have a wonderful summertime - thank you for visiting my blog!

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Scrappelise sa...

Så fint at du blogger litt slik at vi kan følge deg! Skulle gjerne vært en liten blindpassasjer der! ha en fortsatt kjempebra opplevelse!