11 juli 2009

4th of July

4th of July is great and big! All the Parades and all the firetrucks and flags and people everywhere! My brother found this little storage for his tools - it is tooooo big to take home - sorry!

We drove trough Yellowstone - and this was the weather! All white! And only 37 Farenheit!

This little bird is the American Eagle, The Bold one! Yellowstone was terrific - the Old Faithful - the vulcanos - the bisons - everything - it was great!

Have a nice evening - we are going to Folsom tomorrow - to meet my cousins!
Enjoy life and stay happy - and thanks for visiting my blog!

2 kommentarer:

NINA sa...

Så moro med et reisebrev fra over there. Høres ut som om dere opplever masse spennende. Kos dere videre!

Gine sa...

heei hei..Flotte bilder Benedichte
Snø i Juli er ikke gøy...sekv om man er på ferie
Kos deg vider

Klemmer =)