05 juli 2009

Little Big Horn and Cody

It was grey weather and kind of cold outside on Thursday - anyway we got to see Little Big Horn and I learned a little bit of old history.

We are having a great time - crusing around in our rental, The Ford Flex! It is a wonderful car to drive. My brother and I drive one day each. Nichlasen - he is just here - he is in the backseats - reading books!

The hotels are good - right now it is Holiday Inn we are staying at. Huuuge beds!

In this rondell! - there are quotes written on the walls - from all the big Indian wariors. I will show some of them another time.
Tomorrow is The 4th of July - and then there are parades and rodeos in the streets - and people are having a blast.
This is just a huge american truck with his horsesleeper and wagon - all in one! Huge - terrible huge!

Thank you for visiting my blog - I realy enjoy that - have a nice week-end and stay tuned!

3 kommentarer:

Gine sa...

Så fint at dere koser dere
En så lang biltur har vi lyst på om noen år

Masse klemmer fra litt lengre sør

Lene sa...


Kjempe moro å følge dere på turen!! Ser ut til at dere har det super bra. Kos dere videre.

Merete sa...

Wow!! Det var litt av en hestedoning, ja!!