08 september 2009

The Last Day on Interstate 80

The last day with driving the our! Ford Flex. From York in Nebraska State to Aurora in Illinois State - 594 miles - 950 kilometers. The sky is blue - it is warm and the Interstate 80 has just turned to 10 lanes as we drive into Des Moines.

Nebraska and Iowa - fields with corn and windmills - quite different from Stangelandet.

Detta hadde vært noe det Truls? It's not the Norwegian way - but we can always dream.

The Mississippi River - we past her twice - the first day heading west - and the last day heading east.

After spending our last night in The USA in Aurora, Iowa we drove the last few miles to O'Hare - the international Airport in Chicago, Iowa. The last billboard - well it had to be McDonalds!

This is the most boring airport I have ever been to. Long hallways - white walls and nothing to shop - so I took the last dollar with me home! Sorry O'Hare!

Here he is - Eric The Viking - the air-plane who's going to bring us to Stockholm, Sveden

Thanks to my brother and thanks to my son - I had a terrific and wonderful time with you two guys! We'll try to do it again in three years! Like The South of America. Thank you!

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Scrappelise sa...

Og jeg må si takk til deg Bene som har latt oss være med på turen. Det har vært så masse fine bilder av steder så annerledes enn hva vi har her. Håper jeg ser deg på torsdag?