15 november 2009

It Snowed Yesterday...

...and it's rainig today - luckily - I'm not a big fan of snow.
This picture are my Uncle Johan, my Aunt Randi and my mother Grethe.  I think my Grandfather Simon Andreas took the picture in 1941.  They are skiing on the farmers land opposite my Grandfathers Store in Kaffegata at Flisa.

I have painted all the letters in white trying to get some "icy" look.  The musictones are painted silver - crackled - and painted white.  All the flowers are white, and embossed with silver - I like that.  The frame are corrugated cardboard, I teared it and I enbossed it with a cranberry look.  Most of the stuff are handmade - I buy usually scrapbookstuff in "white" - pearls in boxes - and so on - then I'll give "it" all a "bendichtemakeover"

Today is cleaning day - painting doors day - getting my house together day - and I need a lot of days like today.  Hoping to get rid of all the paintboxes before Christmas - this year.   
Have a nice Sunday - Enjoy!

3 kommentarer:

Lene sa...

Nydelig!! Du har et ekstremt bra øye for detaljer. Ha en fin søndagskveld!

Scrappelise sa...

Så flott at du viser litt av alt det lekre du lager. Og som Lene sier; du har et ekstremt øye for detaljer. Det er helt rått så masse lekre detaljer du skaper!

Scrappegal sørlending sa...

Nyydelig vintage med lag på lag! :)