03 august 2009

Redwood Forrest in California

Before we came to Sacramento we had to drive through The Redwood Forrest. It was stunning - the trees were sooo tall - sooo big - and sooo green! We just had one hour to spend - so we found a trial that took only 5 minutes! Next time we have to stop at least a day. Try it!

As we drove south from Oregon State - at Highway 101 - it got foggy. It's thick, grey fog from the Pacific Ocean. It's pretty cool - don't you think!

My little babyboy - Nichlasen - called me today - he's comming home to his mother - ME! - after two years in Oslo - the capitol of Norway! He's going to attend a class at Jønsberg Videregående Skole. Hurra! But first he has to take his exam as an apprentice.

Have a great day tomorrow - enjoy life and thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking foreward to start scrapping - but right now my August is a little bit back and forth!

2 kommentarer:

Kirsten sa...

Så koselig å ta del i det du har opplevd på reisen, Bendichte!! Tenker det blir mange nydelige LO'er framover! :)

Ha en strålende augustkveld. Det er nesten rart å se sola igjen, syns jeg - men du verden sååå deilig. Det må nytes.

God klem fra Kirsten

Scrappelise sa...

Disse bildene var rene drømmen Bene! har du lest "Månedalen" av Jack London? en nydelig bok om bl.a. redwood-trær.