26 april 2010

I Turned 5 Months

I had my fifth months anniversary strolling! with Nichlasen and Bendichte.  We usually take a long walk after 8 pm.  This evening we did Ottestadstien to Utvandrermuseet.  Since I havn't seen real water - we took a "uturn" down to Mjøsa - you know - Norway biggest lake.  You also see the contour of Vikingskipet - it was build to The Winter Olympics in 1994 - the very best - ever - winter games!!


2 kommentarer:

Cheryl Fleming Palmer sa...

Was a cute puppy and the following picture is beautiful! I can tell you enjoy your walks and the dog, keep on enjoying!

Merete sa...

Åh...han har blitt stor jo:)
Et nydelig eksemplar av et hund!!

Tusen takk for awards:)