15 august 2010

15th of August

It's been a out of the house and no internett wek-end - it's been SUN and warmth in Norway for two days!  On Friday we did a trip to Sweden and it poured down from heaven with water - thunder and lightning.  It's "never" rained like that - roads are destroyed and some places pepole are stuck because of the rain.  Horrible.

I would like to Congratulate on Friday the 13th
Arne Einarson 1908 Hof in Åsnes

Yesterday I should have Congratulated
Oline Johansdaughter 1857 Nordre Osen
Martinus Person 1863 Nordre Osen
Anne Marie Hjalmarsdaughter 1921 Nordre Osen

Today I want to Congratulate
Mikkel Olson 1831 Nordre Osen
Per Jonson 1857 Nordre Osen
Ole Martinusson 1929 Åsnes

This picture is taken at Nordre Osen by my Grandfather Simon Andreas.
I would like to say Happy Birthday to one of his grandchildren - Bruce Simon - who were 55 years old last Friday.
And I want to say Happy Birthday - today - to my "aunt" Kari who was married to the little boy on this picture.

Have a nice night - thank you for visiting my blog - and do not forget to enjoy life...

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