02 august 2010

2.th of August

Hello - I have learned a new word to today.  I've used it many times - I even have it in my name - but never tried to learn it.  Before today.  It's the word patronymic - name derived from that of a father or ancestor.  Like mine, Oladaughter - my fathers first name was Ola.  But it's hard to say - patronymic.

Today I will Congratulate
Syverine Amine Nilsdatter born 1862 Nordre Osen
She lived in Nordre Osen, she was my Great Grandfathers - Per - oldest sister and she died in childbed fever, only 18 years old.  The word is that she was not allowed to to marry the one she loved which was her boychilds father.  She mourned to death.  Sad story.

Olaf Embretson Engebretson born 1886 Åsnes
He lived in Hof and Åsnes and he was a younger brother to my Great Grandmother - Anne Marie.

This is the marshy bay where my mother has her cabin in Nordre Osen - beautiful?
Have a wonderful Monday and don't forget to enjoy...

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