07 august 2010

7th. of August

Hello to you all
Sitting here in my livingroom - watching The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary consert om my television - seeing Ozzy Osbourn and Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Pattie Smith and all the rockers - remembering all the fine lyrics - I'm glad I got to "know" them all.

Today I want to Congratulate
Lisbet Mortensdaughter 1818 Nordre Osen
Solvår Martinsdaughter 1917 Nordre Osen

Anyway - this is the creek a mile or two up in the mountains from Øverbekken - it's a wonderful landcape in Rendalen.  My Great Great Great Great Grandmother Goro Sæmingsdaughter moved here with her parents around 1784.  And we had a beautiful day in the wilderness. 
Thank you for looking into my blog - do not forget to enjoy...

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