06 august 2010

The First Friday in August

This Friday is a little bit different than the others Fridays.  It's raining and it's grey weather outside - thats not unusually in August. It's De Nordiske Jakt og Fiskedagene in Elverum...it's Festspillene in Elverum...and it's Landsskytterstevet in Elverum...and one more thing...it's Elverumsdagene in Elverum.  It happens in Elverum, Sør Østerdalen - Good Luck!

I want to Congratulate
Karen Halvorsdaughter Skjærbekken Løvhaugen 1824 Nordre Osen
She was married to my Great Great Great Grandmother Siris brother Christen.  They had nine children together.  Christen died and Karen married Nils Gudmundson Løvhaugen from Elverum.  They have no children.  They emmigrated to The Promised Land in 1887...I wonder what happend to Karen?

 Today my father - Ola-Martin Einarson - would have been 80 years old.
That makes this Friday a little bit different.

This colorful oildraft is one in a million that my father has done.  He was a creative soul.  Doing a lot of crafts. 
Have a beautiful Fridag, thank you for visiting my blog and do not forget to enjoy...life!

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