11 oktober 2010


Today Varg and I walked through Åkersvika Naturreservat towards Norsk Utvandrermuseum.  It's a small place with some old houses and a church brought to Norway from USA.  I'll tell more abot the houses and the church another time.  Today I want to show you Håndkjerrepionerene from Salt Lake City in Utah.

The main Håndkjerrepionerene / Handcart pioneers are placed at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  It's made by a Norwegian, Torleif S. Knaphus, who emigrated to The Promised Land in 1906.  The statue in Norway is a copy of the one he made in 1924.  The big one - the one on Temple Square was made in 1947.  I'm sorry we didn't have time visiting Salt Lake City last year - but I drove through The City - but next time...

If you ever have time to stop near Hamar and Utvandrermuseet - do it!

Pictures taken in April this year - enjoy your travel...

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Anne Bente sa...

wawwww så flot, må være en oplevelse at se